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Opinion: A Recipe for Ruin



Editors Note: Article has been edited and updated on 3-23-2021

For those people with a discerning eye, it is not difficult to discern that much of the world would like for the United States to simply vanish.  In fact, they would take delight in being a part of the destruction of our society...

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  1. Very thoughtful (and frightening) perspective Rev Harrell…..once again no solution is offered….I don’t really think there is a solution with liberals winning the seat of govt….my solution that you hinted to is “KEEP YOUR CIVILIAN GUNS”… the recent mass murder in Atlanta was immoral sex driven and the one in Colorado was an insane person of a family of Moslem immigrants into our country. Nobody addresses the killings in Chicago and NYC etc. that far exceed the mass killings….yes it is a lot about shoving our God out the door of America.

  2. Part of the solution lies in thinking independently. We can not allow our thinking to be brainwashed by the media, the majority or the minority. Listening to each other rather than name calling, realizing that different opinions are not totally wrong, just different.

    • Thanks Jim, I will go read the piece by Paul Harvey. When I was in radio many years ago, I used to put Mr. Harvey on the air each day. He was the best newsman and broadcaster ever. Thanks for the link.
      Bill Harrell

  3. Well said, Reverend Harrell. Two points: the media has devolved into a mouthpiece of the democrats, covering up good arguments against such harmful nonsense as transgender boys playing girl’s sports and simultaneously promoting this craziness. Secondly, our national debt is unsustainable. Eventually, interest rates will rise, the government will be unable to pay the interest without cutting defense spending or transfer payments, like social security, or raise taxes, which will depress economic activity. The result will be a cataclysmic depression.

  4. Respectfully, I wonder how many people you could have shared the gospel with in the time it took you to write this. If you are no longer holding yourself out as a pastor, and merely a political pundit, that’s fine. But this has nothing to do with the gospel of Christ. I could watch Fox or OAN if this is what I wanted to hear.

    • Agreed. It’s viewpoints like this that are killing “The Church.” From my repeated readings of the gospels, Jesus would want us not to align with a political party but to align with his teachings to make the world a better and more loving place. To take care of one another. To embrace the social outcasts. To bravely call out blatant religious hypocrisy right where it stands.

      It’s *precisely* free thinking that is leading people away from the chains of mainstream (i.e. loud, right-wing) “Christian” church. Also, in Mr. Harrell’s summation of the formation of this country being founded as a Christian nation… he absolutely is ignoring the historical fact that people came to these lands from Europe to get away from … what was it? Oh yeah, state-run religion.

      This author also seems to live under the notion that liberal Christians do not exist. Untrue. I know many, and they are wonderful, loving people.

      Jesus was the ultimate liberal of his time.

  5. William: I’ve been a Pastor for fifty years and have been used to win thousands to the Lord. I’m still doing what God called me to do: warn people of impending destruction if they continue their current direction. Thanks for your comment.

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