HomeNewsAsian-American Georgia lawmakers call for gun reforms after recent mass shootings

Asian-American Georgia lawmakers call for gun reforms after recent mass shootings



by Rebecca Grapevine | May 27, 2022 | Capitol Beat News Service

Georgia Sen. Michelle Au (D-Johns Creek) called for gun law reforms on Friday.

America is facing an “epidemic of gun violence,” state Sen. Michelle Au, D-Johns Creek, said Friday at a press conference cal...

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  1. Any waiting period would be fine. Again, the criminals don’t care, they will have guns and law abiding citizens will follow the rules. Look at Chicago. They have a lot of gun control laws and the gun violence there is some of the worst in the country.

  2. While well intended Ms. Au fails to grasp the entirety of the problem and the root causes of it. The problem is far worse than the vast majority can imagine. The problem is not firearms or knives or hammers. The problem is the deterioration of the majority American culture which controlled such actions with social pressures. Until that cultural control is redeveloped among those who have lost it, the problems will continue. Knee jerk reactions to these types of events are not productive. Legal restrictions only impact the law abiding.

  3. Governments have failed to legislate the following out of existence – gambling, profanity, pornography, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, prostitution, domestic abuse, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. The same liberal morons who want more gun laws do not want existing laws strictly enforced and the convicted offenders sent to prison. They also fantasize that criminals will obey new guns laws and that imposing new gun laws on law-abiding, mentally stable gun owners will reduce mass murders that involve firearms.

    As Phillip Williams commented, none of these politicians are interesting in identifying the root cause(s) of these social issues and developing effective actions that prevent, not mitigate, them. Our current culture and governments destroyed the two-parent family, made many citizens wards of the state, drove religion out of schools and everyday activities, and created schools that mainly turn out unskilled “graduates” with worthless degrees who operate on indoctrinated feelings, fads, and emotions; not credible data, facts, and logic. They protest for their abortion rights while the farms, industries, and infrastructure that feed, clothe, shelter, and transport them are failing before their eyes. They cheer the Secretary of Transportation for strapping on fake breasts to feed the poor child he adopted, while truckers can’t afford diesel fuel for their trucks. They ignore the 212 victims shot in Chicago in 2022 by the end of May.

    The Supreme Court and other federal courts have repeatedly ruled that law enforcement officers have no to protect a citizen unless that citizen is in their custody. So the Democrats perpetually want to confiscate firearms, ban “weapons of war” and large magazines, and impose purchase waiting times, which only affect the very people who would not commit a crime with a firearm, but would use one for self-defense. Hey Democrats, why not enforce current firearm laws – prosecute all violations and impose the maximum state and federal sentences. Hold parents responsible for creating and arming these monsters and releasing them in our society. instead of spending our taxes on free benefits for illegal immigrants, spend it to train and equip reliable and effective security forces and systems for our schools. Are airports, federal and county office buildings, and Joe Biden’s dog more important than our children?

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