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‘Ask questions’: Suicide second-highest cause of death for ages 10-34



Suicide remains a leading cause of death in the United States and in Georgia. Tuesday, Nov. 15, the youngest person ever voted onto the Richmond County Board of Education became one of the most recent losses.

Tyrique Robinson, 20, killed himself at an Alexander Drive apartment Tuesday, Nov. 15, Richmond County Coroner Mark Bowen confirmed. No further information was available about the incident, which followed accusations of misspending by his business partner.

According to the most recent figures available in 2020, suicide was the second leading cause of death for people aged 10-34.

Tyrique Robinson.

As laypersons, it is difficult to know if someone may be thinking about suicide. If unsure but concerned, ask, said Dr. Vaughn McCall, chairman of the department of psychiatry at the Medical College of Georgia.

“First of all, don’t be afraid to ask questions,” Dr. McCall said.

Asking will not put the notion in someone’s head.

“In fact, you can save a life,” he said.

“Do they have a specific plan?” Dr. McCall said is a good question – has the person thought out a method, a time and/or place – which can be a sign of an emergency.

But the other extreme might be someone who says if he died in his sleep tonight, he would be OK with that. That’s not necessarily an emergency, but it could be a sign the person should be encouraged to seek help, Dr. McCall said.

If there is an emergency, the person needs to go to the emergency room, Dr. McCall said. If may mean calling 911, which can be dangerous for the person in crisis and the responders, but if someone needs help, it will be necessary, Dr. McCall said.

For more information on preventing suicide, check out the Lifeline website at https://988lifeline.org/

If someone is depressed but not necessarily suicidal, he or she can still benefit from seeking help, Dr. McCall said. Depression can be diagnosed and treated by a primary care physician, as opposed to a psychiatrist. There is medication and therapy, and there are psychologists and licensed counselors and social workers who can help, he said.

It is difficult to gauge the threat of suicide, Dr. McCall said. One of the most telling signs is a prior suicide attempt. Dr. McCall said he has had patients tell him about trying to commit suicide who have never told anyone else.

In 2019, according to the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities 1,582 people killed themselves in Georgia. An additional 10,363 reported attempting suicide.

Lawsuit filed after gun suicide

On Sept. 21, David and Heather Woodbury filed a lawsuit against Mark Keen and the Pintail Firearms Group, doing business as Shooters Indoor Range and Gun Shop. The Woodbury’s daughter, Elizabeth Ann Woodbury, killed herself at age 22 after buying a handgun at Shooters, off Washington Road.

According to the lawsuit, Elizabeth Woodbury had a history of schizophrenia and suicidal thoughts and threats and had been committed for mental health treatment in 2019 and 2020. She was released Sept. 20, 2020, and two days later bought a .22 from Shooters.

According to the lawsuit, on the questionnaire, she answered “yes” to the question about commitment to a mental health facility after age 16. It should have disqualified her from buying a firearm, according to the lawsuit.

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    • Your first discussion point is sobering and deserving of attention: veteran’s mental health care is a subject worth our efforts.
      Your second point is highly speculative and accusatory. Blackmail and extortion are words with very specific legal definitions – they shouldn’t be bandied about without care When discussing suicide.

      • If you know anything about me you know I don’t talk about what I don’t know about. I talk with Mr. Robinson on November the 10th. After not hearing back from him I reached out to him on November the 14th, and the morning of November the 15th. I know and understand the legal definition of extortion blackmail!

  1. All purchasers of firearms must complete a BATFE Form 4473 at the seller’s place of business. If the buyer has been “adjudicated” as mentally unstable or committed to mental institution by a court, commission, or other authority, the buyer is a “prohibited person” and cannot buy or possess the firearm. Form 4473 instructions for the buyer and seller specifically state, “The term (committed/commitment) does not include a person in a mental institution for observation or a voluntary admission to a mental institution.” If a buyer falls within this exemption or lies about his mental status, the NCIS background check may not identify the buyer as “prohibited”, since many jurisdictions do not require/allow doctors and psychiatrists to report mental health conditions to the NCIS system due to HIPPA restraints. No politician wants to revise HIPPA to require the entry of mental health treatments into the NCIS or an alternate BATFE database.

    So the government’s zeal to protect our health information allows people who are mentally unstable to purchase firearms to harm themselves and others. Then state governments pass red flag laws that allow seizure of a person’s firearms without due process (i.e., without adjudication) based on some non-medical stranger’s allegation of mental instability. How can creating more poorly conceived laws solve problems created by prior poorly conceived laws?

  2. If you have a weak mind, and consistently listen to the Socialist Democrats AKA American Communist, are taught in Government Schools by Marxist Government Sector Teachers Union members, and dwell on main steam media it is understandable why people want to off themselves.

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