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Augusta Commissioners Discuss Pulling Funding From Gold Cross



Members of the emergency services subcommittee aired complaints against Gold Cross Ambulance service and inquired about cutting the supplemental funding to the company. City attorney Wayne Brown clarified that the city is contractually bound but not legally required to pay Gold Cross to operate.


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  1. The A/RC commissioners has ramrodded a new Fire Chief in place, and now it seems they want to go back into the Ambulance business. I do not live in Richmond County, but I have seen enough of their political shenanigans in the past, that has me wondering, how on God’s Green Earth does these same folks keep getting elected. Dumb and Dummer!

  2. Sias has a good idea….drop patient on ground and go … hospital ERs should be made to place “body drop boxes” at the door just like the library does for books….toss patient body in body drop box and move on.

  3. Typical brain dead commissioners, fabricating false information and having NO PROOF!!! Seems someone has been promised or even already given a “reward” for getting Gold Cross fired. It used to be one commissioner, now others are picking up the slack since the original one could be removed from the board, hopefully. This is one of those typical situations where the “more you stir it, the more it stinks”.

  4. July 2021 TAP – City attorney Wayne Brown clarified that the city is contractually bound but not legally required to pay Gold Cross to operate.

    June 2018 TAP – Sias also challenged whether paying a subsidy was legal. “I don’t see any legal grounds for us to give this private business a subsidy,” he said, and would set a precedent for other private businesses to ask for one. But General Counsel Wayne Brown said Gold Cross is “not just another company. They’re the only ambulance provider for Richmond County” because they hold the state designation or zone to do so. “There’s no one else who stands in the shoes of Gold Cross.”

    If there is a contract attorney among TAP readers who can explain how not paying the mutually agreed to subsidy in the Gold Cross contract, as Wayne Brown inferred, is not breach of contract, please explain.

    Another indication that oaths of office, Georgia State Codes, Richmond County laws and procedures, and legally binding contracts are N/A (Not Applicable) within the Augusta-Richmond County government.

  5. I am now retired but worked many years in medical billing and coding as a Revenue Cycle Manager. I can tell you ambulance charges are the hardest to collect from insurance both private insurance, Medicaid and Medicare. The city has a good deal going to pay the supplement to Gold Cross, they will be millions in the hole if they decide to operate as an ambulance service.

  6. Great response by Sias! Thank goodness Shaw was there to correct his response. Tax payers beware….it’s cheaper to pay a subsidy then to run your own EMS service. The biggest issue for private EMS services is employees. Most EMTs and Paramedics leave a private EMS service within a few years. The pay might be good but the number of calls is taxing mentally and physically. Augusta again will pay out their rear ends to run ambulance service. Did the commissioners not learn a lesson last time?

  7. Providing necessary care by an efficient provider is prudent and sustainable, especially when the service costs are shared with other government bodies. Plus, agreements between the public and private sector usually work to the benefit of everyone provided that no sneaky backroom deals are made.

  8. Herein lies the reason for hiring the candidate they did for fire chief, control of ambulance service via the Augusta Fire Department. Some commissioners seem to be under the delusion that control of the ambulance service will be a money maker. Nothing could be further from the truth. Siad has absolutely no clue as to process or legalities required – drop and go ?. Please recall the catheter issues from the prior attempt at taking over the ambulance service. The ones that will lose on this proposition are the citizens/ taxpayers. Beware.

  9. It is pathetic that Richmond county voters continue to elect these incompetent people to the county commission! It has been repeated proved that gold cross is more cost effective than bring this service in house!! Isn’t it libel to throw out absurd claims without a shred of proof!

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