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Augusta Commissioners fail to set tax rate during special called meeting



For the second time this week, the Augusta Commission failed to take action on a proposal from the Finance Department that would start the process toward setting this year’s tax rates.

During the board’s second special called meeting Thursday, Commissioner Brandon Garrett’s substitute motion to ...

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  1. I applaud the five Commissioners
    Brandon Garrett
    Sean Franton
    John Clarke
    Alvin Mason ,and
    Catherine McKnight
    who voted to ROLLBACK THE MILLAGE RATE to the state prescribed level that would NOT entail a property tax increase .

    who voted with the above-named five Commissioners to defeat a motion to advertise a tax millage rate that would RAISE TAXES on properties that have been ASSESSED at a higher value since last year .

    NOTE: I disagree with the claim that PROPERTY VALUES HAVE INCREASED . There has been a spike in sale prices nationwide, but economists have written a myriad of articles explaining the reasons for the spike and prognosticating that the BUBBLE IS GOING TO BURST . In one article Augusta was said to have the seventh (7’th) highest spike in housing prices in the country . The VALUES have NOT increased , but sales prices temporarily spiked resulting in an increase in ASSESSMENTS .

    These five Commissioners will hopefully hold firm and refuse to compromise with the other five who moved to TAX US AT THE HIGHEST RATE proposed by the County’s Department Head .
    The Commissioners are ALL at fault for setting a budget that taxes us for hundreds of unfilled / unneeded county jobs —HUNDREDS . There is no way that there will be a One-Half Million ($5000,000.00) Dollar shortfall in revenue —- when there is no one to pay —- because HUNDREDS OF JOBS ARE UNFILLED . Tremendous cuts should be made in the County Budget —- but, that is a fight for another day .

  2. I agree….thanks to those Commissioners voting for a rollback and to the Mayor voting to defeat the motion not to advertise for an increase. Our taxes have increased tremendously this year. Hoping the other commissioners will change their minds. If you are a property owner in Richmond County how can you not vote for a rollback and cut unneeded positions.

  3. I’d like someone in government to explain how an increase in a home’s market value requires a property tax increase. Does an increased market value raise the cost of providing water, sewage, and trash collection services, fire and law enforcement services, street lights, and other services to my house? One could say the increase is required to pay for new houses. No, those new houses will be taxed. So the need to increase taxes can only be driven by government spending more money than current tax revenue, due to poor management or Bidenflation. Has the commission told every department director to revise his/her budget to cut 5-10% from their requested funding? Has the commissioner done a line-by-line review of the budget to cut non-essential spending, like the mayor’s office, car, credit cards, and staff? They could lay off some jail personnel since the DA does not prosecute and incarcerate criminals now. 150 empty positions at $30,000/yr, with a 47% G&A and benefits multiplier, is $6,615,000/yr. And there will be a shortfall?

    • I disagree.
      It’s about supply and demand .
      Demand for homes exceeded Supply while CoVid raged and people lived and worked (or at least received money) while staying at home .
      The number of people who desired to sell and move was less than the number desiring to purchase .
      Supply and Demand .
      The Bubble burst in or about 2008 .
      Economist pontificate that it is on the cusp of bursting again .

  4. Those on the Commission who will be around in 2023 and after are probably planning ahead to try to combat Odie-osis. A somewhat rare ailment acquired from hiring people in administrative positions who spend other people’s money (including disappearing gift cards) like it is Monopoly money and the debt will be coming due. This budget battle will be nothing like the next couple of years trying to recover from Odie-osis.

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