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Augusta Commissioners Talk Trash



Residents have been complaining about trash pickup being slow, and commissioners on the Engineering Committee discussed the matter on Tuesday, Nov. 9, but they adopted no recommendations.

Instead, the committee agreed to hear an update and more recommendations at the next committee meeting.

District 7 Commissioner Sean Frantom, who placed the matter on the agenda, said he was not sure what ...

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  1. The haulers are running three trucks on pickup day when they only need to use two trucks. The garbage and the recycle is going to the exact same place in the landfill. They are causing needless damage to our residential streets. Waste Management stock is up 34% already this year. They already have the money to pay drivers more money.

  2. If Augusta is back to the old trick of dumping recyclables in the landfill, that is fraud. The trash collection issue is another example of any government’s inability to provide a service or product better than private enterprise. Before consolidation, our subdivision was serviced by two private haulers who competed on price and quality of service for our business. No missed pickups and no excuses.

    Here’s a blast from the past: http://www.avoc.info/info/article.php?article=1857

  3. The system worked just fine when we could hire private waste companies. Then, they decided we needed to do it through the city and they charge us fees on our property taxes. We’re paying the same fee for 1/2 the service; it started with 2 days a week and now it’s 1. What they are doing now is totally ridiculous. Sometimes it’s 2 or 3 days before they pick up the garbage. And that’s if you call them and complain. Something is wrong when you can’t get the basic services done like cutting grass and picking up garbage.

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