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Augusta Economic Development Authority has no connection with Regency Mall redevelopment project



When Augusta mayoral candidate Steven Kendrick announced Tuesday morning that a new development is in the works for the Regency Mall site, he had mentioned that he had been in talks for months with Cardinale Management, the owners of the property, about the project. But the announcement was news to...

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  1. Boy, this smells to high Heaven. The Chairman of the LOCAL Development Authority goes rogue, and works behind the backs of the Development Authority, who was completely blindsided. This Chairman JUST HAPPENS to also now finding himself in a Mayoral run-off with a local successful businessman. This businessman opponent just happens to be a current member of the Georgia Board of Economic Development, appointed by the Governor. Hmmmm. It also must be noted that there have been umpteen different “plans” to do SOMETHING with the eyesore known as Regency Mall. The last thing done was the removal of most of the asphalt pavement, so that the owners would not have to pay their storm-water fee. My question at this point in time — WHO paid for the blueprints that Cranston Engineering drew up ? There are just a whole lot of coincidences and “perfect timing” to churn through. “Where’s the Beef”, er money ??

  2. I just can’t see any citizen…including the citizens who normally vote for, and then re-elect the same old crooked, money-laundering politicians we seem to keep getting…I can’t see anyone not being able to see through this muddy quagmire of graft and deceit.
    I mean, those voters can’t possibly be that foolish.
    God, I hope not.

  3. MORE BIG TALK TO GET MEDIA ATTENTION …. JUST A SMOKE SCREEN THAT WILL FADE AWAY…..and why would the chairman of the Economic Development Authority not discuss the matter long ago with those who run the EDA ??? I smell a rat in the pile of trash AKA Regency Maul ! Somehow the taxpayers will be on the hook.

  4. Nothing regarding the announcement or plan passes the smell test. Seems like a desperate move by a desperate candidate, or a bait and switch for the taxpayers of Augusta – yet again. When going to the polls remember : missing 25,000.00, baseball stadium debacle (use code:Kendrick), Regency Mall “proposal”. Don’t take the bait.

  5. What a SNAKE!!! This goes to show that ‘IF” elected, GOD help us, there will be absolutely NO TRANSPARENCY in that office. If he hides stuff like this from his own board, what is he going to hide from the citizens? He’s not going to make me believe that the Cardinale group did not want to be here for the announce. His remark is total bull. By the way, I always heard the foundation at the mall was structurally unsound!! Sound familiar??

  6. Another domino in a stack of dominoes why you shouldn’t vote for Hardie 2.0. He’s even using the same Hardie playbook! I hope this backfires and costs him the election. BTW I think TAP should be found a FOIA..and see the emails between Cardinals and Kendrick.

  7. People of Richmond County, don’t fall for this. Mr. Kendrick went behind the backs of others to somehow break this wonderful news so that people who want something done to this old mall will vote for him. These stunts are continually pulled by him from missing money, that he did not seem to care or be worried about, to all the latest things he has done. How many times are the Richmond County citizens going to vote someone like this in? The evidence is there, learn from it.

  8. If there are enough misguided people to elect Steven Kendrick Mayor, then as someone posted on FB last night, people that DID NOT vote for him need to leave ARC. If that happens, Kendrick might feel the need to track down that $25K that went missing.

  9. Idea # 1- Cardinale demolish the mall building. Then open and restore Rocky Creek.
    Then and only should this guy, using you to grand stand, be able to beg for Econ Development money.
    Idea #2- Richmond county start condemnation proceedings and settle this pitiful eye sore once and for all.
    This may likely be the only way Augusta can keep your political candidates within the law.
    Regency seems to be a political poison Apple.

    • The fact that Cardinale did not think enough about this “Regency Mall Press Conference”, to send SOME form of representation, speaks volumes to me. And it should speak volumes to others. Short of selling bonds, there is not enough money under control of the ARC Development Authority to put a dent in this development. The most that Cardinale has spent on the site, was ripping up the asphalt, so they would not have to pay the storm-water fee, for all of the hard surface. I think you are going to need more money than what I see available right now. I was mistaken in my previous post — there were FIVE commissioners that received the invitation to the “Press Conference”. I wonder what THEY have committed to ?? Taxpayers in those districts should be very afraid…

  10. Fellow taxpayers,I don’t want you to take my word for this ,I want you to do a little research. Back when Mayor Hardee Davis was having secret meetings and spending taxpayers money to promote the James Brown Arena moving to the Regency Mall cite. Look at what former Commissioner and later on served as a state representative in Atlanta the same time as Hardee did. That individual owned a few houses going up Hwy 1 just past the Mall cite. At the same time a Colosseum member and his family purchased several parsals in front of Regency Mall on Gordon HWY. It just so happens ,that same person still serves on the Colosseum Authority because District 10 Commissioner John Clarke left him on there when he assumed the District 10 seat for political reasons only. That individuals father used to be a Commissioner, and is now endorsing one of our 2 candidates for Mayor. All mentioned above were going to profit handsomely when their property values increased. Thank God there was one Commissioner that brought to light the cost and sour deal the taxpayers we’re going to have to swallow. After studying the deal that the city was going to sign to move the JBA to the Mall cite, it became apparent that the taxpayers we’re going to get fleeced. After this information became public, and well known to many , John Clarke still chose to leave that then and still Coliseum member in place. Thank God for former District 8 Commissioner for placing a financial spotlight on this deal and educating the public on the fleecing of the taxpayers. And here’s the kicker folks, that individual from the Colosseum Authority , that individuals name can be found on a Mayors candidates mailout.

    • Charlie, did John Clarke appoint this person you are alluding to to the Coliseum Authority? Isn’t this a stretch? Why are you trying to smear John? I can’t believe this is the Charlie Coleman I know and have respected for a long time. I know politics can get dirty during campaigns, but this is over the top to blame John for things he is not responsible for.

      • Sylvia I think the world of you and respect you greatly. I helped John Clarke obtain the seat he currently holds. My family and I are greatly disappointed in the decisions he has made in the past 3 and 1/2 years at the cost of the taxpayers. The matter dealing with the Regency Mall cite, John Clarke going in as District 10 Commissioner 3 and a 1/2 years ago, knew that Darren Smith as a Colocium member had purchased property in front of the Regency Mall shortly before he and Hardee Davis started publicly promoting moving the JBA to the Mall Cite using taxpayers money. John should have removed and replaced him at that time but he chose not to. Someone in that position trying to enrich themselves does not have the taxpayers best interest in mind. Which brings me to Hardee Davis’s other friend on that project, JB Powell , former State Represenative. and former Commissioner. He owned a few houses just past the Mall Cite going up Hwy 1 during that time. Certainly both individuals properties would have gone up greatly if the Arena would have gone to the Mall Cite. And remember Hardee Davis used taxpayers money to promote that project. I personally confronted Darren Smith about his purchase of his property at a Good Government meeting held at Lake Olmsted, While he was promoting moving the JBA to the Mall cite. He publicly responded to me by stating, “Several individuals downtown have been doing this for years , what’s wrong for me and my family to make some money ?” I was overwhelmed with his reply. John himself told me that he left Darren Smith on the Coliseum Authority because of his family and his political connections to South Augusta . I don’t consider making those types of deals the best interest to the taxpayers. John Clarke has made several other bad decisions that has cost the taxpayers money . By cowering down to other Commissioners and changing his vote to a yes on giving large raises to certain department heads to keep the jail from being demolished for an additional year, which was also a bad deal he cut for the taxpayers. I’m not saying John’s a bad person Sylvia, he’s just a bad barterer and deal maker . He’ll giveaway the farm to receive a goat. And yes John Clarke has given me all this information in the past. Sylvia in closing, the best person to watch over the tax dollars in Richmond County and it’s proper use while representing District 10 is Wayne Guilfoyle. Not John Clarke!

  11. Cardinal Management LLC is a limited liability company (LLC) located at 10095 Main Rd, Unit 4 in Mattituck, New York. The LLC received a Coronavirus-related PPP loan from the SBA of $172,767.00 in April, 2020. The loan reportedly saved 32 jobs. They have repaid the loan. I went to the NY Secretary of State website to find Cardinal Management’s articles of incorporation and see who are the officers of the LLC. No joy there. The NY State website makes Augusta’s website look brilliant.

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