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Augusta Housing and Community Development Department bypasses procurement department



The Augusta Housing and Community Development Department has been bypassing the regular channels for purchasing, according to former city employee.

All city departments are required by local government policy as well as state law § 36-91-21 to send most purchase requests through a procurement de...

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  1. The City of Augusta’s Black officals see no need to hide their corruption from the public, with the County Commission being involved also they pretty much can do what they like. Until the voters decide there needs to be a change nothing will happen nor will the city grow. It’s a shame to see what is happening in such a great city that is being run by a bunch of clowns and morons.

  2. I remember reading about this “Walker” deal in the AP several months ago (or maybe longer). As usual, I simply shook my head in disgust. Today’s story only expands upon the timelines and events. I hope the AP continues to dig in and forces these shady people to admit their crimes. However, I doubt the perpetrators will be held accountable. They rarely are in our fair city.

  3. “Hiring an architect falls under state law as a “consultant service,” so there is no legal need to take that process through procurement”….since when? I work for an architect and have completed and submitted MANY RFP’s for Design Services for City Jobs.

  4. Since the ARC Mayor has little power and authority, perhaps Mayor-elect Johnson can use his office to expose these quasi-legal deals and pressure the GBI and GA DOJ to investigate. The majority of commissioners have no motivation to change, improve, and clean up our government. They buy the votes of their disengaged, uninformed constituents with free breakfasts and T-shirts.

    • Apparently they are waiting in their offices waiting for citizens to give them tips about illegal activities. https://investigative-gbi.georgia.gov/gbi-tip-line Also, their involvement may be by invitation only from local law enforcement, as if Sheriff Roundtree is going to start an investigation of Hardie Davis and the ARC Commission and invite the GBI to participate. I’ve written Kemp and Carr requesting they point the GBI at the current ARC administration. Crickets.

  5. Looks like the reason the laws are not being enforced is that if anyone speaks up about circumventing the existing laws then they somehow lose their job for accessing ‘facebook’ while at work. I’ll bet well over half of the employees of ARC would be gone if this was enforced County wide.

  6. Most places I worked since 1990 had the capability to monitor employees’ access to the internet (time online and websites visited) via company computers and networks. They made it very clear there was no expectation of privacy if you violated this condition of employment. Why give your employer one bullet in the magazine they can use to kill your career?

  7. The Housing and Community Development Department bids all activities and projects, since the majorty funding comes from HUD. There bidding is followed through the Federal Guidelines and carefully watch by HUD regional and HUD National Office on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. There are processes in place for checks and balances.
    The Laney Walker/Bethlehem Revitalization Project has continued to impact and transform these Communities since inception of 2008.

  8. “According to Welcher, there was nothing wrong with the way his department handled the matter because the commission and city attorney signed off on the deal”.

    Well, first of all, this statement is a complete and total crock of excrement. This was a “deal” fabricated by the HCDD for Walker. Walker got a $119K asset for $32K. All parties KNEW what they were doing was shady at best, and probably illegal. They KNEW that the City Attorney would do a “glance” review, and then the Commissioners would approve the “surplus” sale. Other than what might be going on in their own District, do you honestly believe that the Commissioners really have the time to “Deep Dive” into everything that is brought before them ? Seriously ??!! They HAVE to trust ARC departments are doing the “RIGHT” thing, which we now KNOW the HCDD did NOT, by knowingly “burying” the Armstrong Galleria property into the Land Bank, and “disposing” of it as “surplus”. While it will never happen, there should be some Christmas “Pink Slips” handed out by the Commissioners, in at least SEVERAL departments. This also verifies how much power Charles Walker STILL possesses in the fine City of Augusta Richmond County.

  9. Prior to the consolidation of the City of Augusta and Richmond County , the County had an Internal Auditor (David Rollins) on staff who could be dispatched to specific audits by the Commission Chairman and /or a majority vote of the County Commission .
    Does the consolidated government have. an Internal Auditor ? He was not a CPA .

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