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Augusta Land Bank seeks to build strip club between Regency Mall and Southgate Shopping Center 



Even before the Augusta Commission voted on a new adult entertainment ordinance in December, plans were underway to build a strip club venue on Gordon Highway across from Southgate Shopping Center.

The new strip club would be built on land currently owned by the city of Augusta and managed by th...

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  1. Politicians and their henchmen have no shame. If it fits their narrative, to hell with the constituents!! You want to know why they keep on with their shenanigan’s? An illiterate voting base that keeps voting them into office. What’s in it for me!!!!

  2. Moses I agree but surely we should start with Jail time for the commissioners and employees who helped put this plan into action by changing the rules so that this would fit the new law. An outside investigation company should be hired right away.

  3. That’s the best you can do for that area? A strip club? Augusta has tried its best to crap all over south augusta since consolidation…mission accomplished..if not for the work of a good citizens group? Peach Orchard was heading the same way..

  4. “I have no investment in this”!!!!! a strip club next to cheap, drug infested motel, just what South Augusta needs!A place for the drug dealers and and the thugs and gang members to exchange their blood money! put a chucky cheese there, or a playzone for kids thats what needed here. This idea and the bum that suggested it, needs to be thrown out the door!!!!!

  5. In discussions around the water cooler this morning, inquiring minds were asking :
    1. Who is Executive Director Shawn Edwards ?
    What is his background ?
    Who proposed him for the position of Executive Director ?
    2. Beside Tax Commissioner Chris Johnson , who else is on this LAND BANK AUTHORITY ?
    What are their respective qualifications to serve ?
    3. Wasn’t Steven Kendrick (former Mayoral candidate , former Tax Commissioner , NOW DEPUTY TAX
    COMMISSIONER) the previous Chairman of this Land Bank Authority ?
    4. When did the Executive Director first start reaching out to this selected group of strip club

  6. We need a grand jury convened to look at the finances of the Land Bank and the personal finances of all its members and employees. When you write to your state representatives to demand revision of ARC’s charter to cancel Bobby Williams, include the revision of land banks laws to limit their authority and increase accountability and transparency. https://www.georgiapolicy.org/news/banking-on-land-banks-is-banking-on-trouble/ It’s a safe bet our Land Bank is not following GA state laws, such as meetings open to the public. https://advance.lexis.com/container/?pdmfid=1000516&crid=a6ca0503-8b81-4a66-988d-34eb0c834b38&func=LN.Advance.ContentView.getFullToc&nodeid=ABWAAFAAF&typeofentry=Breadcrumb&config=00JAAzZDgzNzU2ZC05MDA0LTRmMDItYjkzMS0xOGY3MjE3OWNlODIKAFBvZENhdGFsb2fcIFfJnJ2IC8XZi1AYM4Ne&action=publictoc&pddocfullpath=%2Fshared%2Fdocument%2Fstatutes-legislation%2Furn%3AcontentItem%3A6348-G0H1-DYB7-W2YG-00008-00&pdtocfullpath=%2Fshared%2Ftableofcontents%2Furn%3AcontentItem%3A63RH-PW33-CH1B-T4TR-00008-00&ecomp=m3vckkk&prid=a40ca5f3-931f-4e5d-b47d-0a1842b5af1a

  7. I decided to take a ride through this morning. The back of the property is adjacent to Southgate Villa and is a tree filled lot, not a blighted property. The entrance is next to the old Subway, across the street from the old Kmart plaza (now U-Haul). One, I don’t see how this helps the neighborhood at all by bringing in a strip club and what appears to be an outdoor entertainment space. Have the people in the adjacent neighborhoods been informed about these plans? Probably not. Two, I can think of about a dozen properties along Gordon Hwy. that need development rather than a greenspace filled with trees. Three, there is definitely a conflict of interest evident in this and the entire process seems corrupt. Augusta is known for shady investors pulling the wool over the commission’s eyes and ending up paying for lawsuits, i.e. X-Mart, building a parking deck on property the city doesn’t own, just to name a couple.

  8. Corruption on multiple levels. They use the secondary effects doctorine to restrict adult businesses in some areas and then ignore their own unsubstantiated claims of secondary effects to open an adult business on their own property.

  9. Well put the nail in the coffin of South Augusta. I grew up there and still love the place that made me. They say they want to improve South Augusta but then they do something stupid like this. We all know what element this will bring to the area.

  10. I live in South Augusta and this is just something else to run us out. South Augusta has always been thrown to the wolves and we have no one willing to represent the ones of us who live here. If you don’t want something in your area, just put it in South Augusta. It is a good bet that some of these corrupt RC politicians think they are pulling the wool over our eyes. This needs to be investigated immediately.

  11. I guess they knew this when they were trying to showcase the mall again before the first mayors election round. Let’s just bring in the dog and pony show and further beat down that area! Stay off the highway in that area because of the alcohol and testosterone that will be running high. Only in Augusta.

  12. Our new mayor faces a BIG challenge dealing with this useless group of criminals elected by we the people. If the land bank was in business to improve Augusta, it would not approve a strip club on a piece of Gordon highway that is already a wasteland. DISGRACEFUL!!

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