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Augusta Mayor’s City Credit Card Spending has Little Oversight



Georgia state law has specific rules on how employees and elected officials can use government credit cards, yet the Augusta Mayor’s Office has managed to use two government-issued credit cards with limited oversight.

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  1. Past time for an audit of these expenses. Any time I had expenses for business purchases I had to produce receipts. No receipt, purchase was out of my pocket. Unfortunately the mayor seems to have deep pockets – Taxpayer’s. The commission members need to act as this is already out of control, not quite double (51000.00) the monies since last year (31000.00). Do something.

  2. So does he eat lunch daily on the city’s dime? I can see when he’s meeting with others to discuss business, but there are a lot of fast food type charges on there. I’d like to hear the Jose Cuervo explanation.

  3. What was $12 on Amazon prime for? Are we paying for his hotel Movies? When adding his car/gas/insurance/maintenance and now these unexplained credit card charges and let’s not forget his PayPal account, what is his salary. That’s some high dollar ribbon cutting tie breaker vote (which seldom happens) position.

  4. Given the Mayor’s proclivity for spending money willy-nilly and then refusing to produce receipts and other proof, the Board of Commissioners should order an audit of that credit card immediately. The Mayor is no more special than the Commissioners or any employee authorized to have a credit card. He must be held accountable!

  5. I just cannot believe that a city accounting office would just pay a bill presented with no approval or documentation. This, too, is just bad practice and would never pass an audit. Come on commissioners! Do your job!

  6. I worked for 40 years with the state and always had to submit receipts for any charges on cards or charges to be reimbursed. Even a charge for 5.00 must be documented, If I purchased something to be used at work, the receipt and merchandise was documented by a 2nd party. No receipts no payment or reimbursement.

  7. Not surprised when it comes to the Mayor and his fleecing of the tax payers. There is a special place in hell for individuals like Hardy Davis and those politicians that sit by and do nothing while corruption is taking place in Augusta’s government. We must vote these type of low life individuals out of office and never support them again.

  8. I wonder how he manages his personal account. Probably does not need one as long as he can spend the Counties money. These politicians have a penchant for spending other folks money. They have no shame.

  9. Geri Sams needs to hit the road too. Any public employee who turns her back to Davis’ obvious end run around the procurement process and his personal misuse of public money doesn’t understand her fiduciary duty and the intent of laws that control government spending.

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