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Augusta Mayor’s Credit Card Bills Continue to Shock



Amidst media pressure to provide receipts and calls from commissioners for a forensic audit, Mayor Hardie Davis has ramped up his credit card spending over the first four months of this year.

Davis has continued to spend tens of thousands of dollars on his city-issued credit card so far in 2021,...

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  1. If any one of us used a “company” credit card as Mayor Hardie is using the City of Augusta’s, we would be arrested and charged. How are he and others above the law? We, as taxpayers and payers of their salaries, need to demand explanation and possible reparation to the city of Augusta.

  2. The only thing Hardy Davis needs to” Let me be clear about” ,is to explain why a so called preacher/ mayor of the city of Augusta Is using tax payer money to buy Jose Cuervo alcohol for either himself or others. Is that what a preacher does? And pertaining to the his body language and posture during his Wife Liz Owens interview, should tell it all . Now let me be clear.The taxpayers funded makeup didn’t cover up the liar liar pants on fire on his forehead on that interview with With Liz Owens. And anybody with an IQ over 2 should have been able to see his scripted and practiced response to Liz Owen’s questions .And if you are gonna buy alcohol using tax payer a money, at least buy American brands of alcohol.And I wonder if the taxpayers had to pay the individual or the organization to help you prepare for the interview responses.I’m sure you won’t provide those receipts either.And when it comes to your comments about your census volunteers, I was asked to serve on the census committee by commissioner John Clarke. I attended my first and only meeting. When I attended ,it became apparently clear that you were you using city property and funds to promote Stacey Abrams AGENDA. You brought 2 ladies into the room and introduced them yourself.It wasn’t about compiling census data for the government, it was all about registering only more Democratic voters for the upcoming elections using your office and taxpayers funds also .Isn’t that also illegal Mayor/so called preacher?

  3. I hope and pray the The Trashy Local Blog will uncover every lie that this Crook has told. I hope that GOD will reveal what darkness has attempted to cover. To my everlasting sorrow, I encouraged my son to vote for Hardy Davis in the mayoral election. Thank you all who work at TAP to keep Davis’ feet to the fire.

  4. How is it possible that Davis’ actions don’t break the law…if not at the local level at least the State level? Let’s stop talking about how outrageous this is and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Surely someone who knows the law can file charges against him? Who will step up?

  5. He subscribes to The Chronicle? I wonder if they deliver his actual paper…they miss mine 90% of the time. To send all of this production work OUT of Augusta is shameful. ONE AUGUSTA…my fanny. All this talk from some in the Marble Palace about making special considerations for minority/local vendors in the procurement process…ask Hardie why HE chooses not to use Augusta’s large pool of talent?

  6. Unfortunately for the RC taxpayers, it appears that the mayor’s office has free use of the credit card for expensive lunches each day. How would you like for your lunch each day to be at another’s expense ??

  7. Where are all the bids from all our local very qualified businesses and video production companies that mayor Davis claimed awhile back he was using local only, that clearly his credit card statements proves he uses outside businesses boosting our city image and himself.If he is promoting Augusta. He should use Augusta local owned Businesses to help out our own City and Community . Not himself and his friends and cronies .Where are the bids from our local businesses for his all production and studios , pictures ,videos, ECT.?Where is the oversight?Anyone?

  8. I heard his interview on television. Does he actually believe what he was saying? Either he is stupid or he thinks that we are stupid. Neither is acceptable. Come on – where are the criminal charges? Let him defend his actions in front of a judge. And, what will become of his “internal audit?” We know that any reputable accounting firm (and the one being used is reputable to my knowledge) will find gross negligence in the finance oversight. Will anyone actually be held accountable? We shall see.

  9. Hopefully, this scandal will reveal additional layers of greed and corruption. However, I will not be surprised if Mayor Davis seeks a higher political office and wins the election. Also, I am now a huge fan of our new trashy local blog.

  10. Do we have any attorneys in this town, that are not part of this corruption? No matter whether democratic or republican. This is just wrong. Unfair to hard working, tax paying, citizens of Augusta Richmond County.

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