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Augusta mayor’s divorce suit alleges adultery with staff member/consultant



Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis Jr. filed for divorce from his wife of almost 27 years, Evett Davis, on April 8, and in her response, she has claimed Hardie Davis has maintained a long-term affair with city-paid consultant Carla Smith.

Evett Davis’ counterclaim filing, made in Richmond County Superio...

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  1. I’ve been no Hardie fan since he was elected. What 2 people do in their private marriage is their business. But to carry on with a staffer and be sure “official work” is created for her to receive money is unethical. I feel bad for his son who now must watch all this play out in the press.

  2. Not surprised at all by anything this scoundrel has done or is currently doing!This tells you a lot about his character or the lack there of.He is going to owe some hefty fines for his misdoings and now with this divorce a lot more “dirty” laundry is fixing to be exposed!The only one I feel sorry for is his wife who has put up with his dishonesty for a long long time.He has absolutely no political future period as everyone sees what kind of a person he really is underneath it all.

    • Too many to count that have fallen from grace that has the Reverend in front of their name! I think they use that to get votes and once in office the real person emerges. I guess he is hoping he is Teflon coated like Slick and will come up on top whatever his intentions are.

      • Cheating on your wife with a mistress on the side makes King Davis and Sammie Sias real players in the eyes of some of their supporters. Which commissioner’s paid consultant (the new woke euphemism to hooker) will come out next?

  3. A private matter made publicly. I pray for Evett and their son.

    I’m also going to pray for Hardie because I don’t think he understood the politics and is blinded by personal aspirations. Not a victim but ignorant and the reason politicians are said to be more corrupt more than they are public servants.

  4. This is just what goes on in Augusta politics..I bet you if he ran again he would still be elected…he should resign but his ego won’t let him..I hope the GBI takes note and starts investigating some of the dark money issues..

  5. How many other females has Hardie Davis spent tax payers money on and how much? And just think our commissioners gave him a very expensive SUV with extra dark tinted windows. So he could do his dirty deeds in a tax payer funded unmarked City Of Augusta vehicle.

  6. Being a gambling man, I wager the swindler will try to connive a path for taxpayer funds to pay for his marital misdeeds ….. and, will bet that some financial considerations have already found their way into Ms Carla’s pockets.

  7. So typical of the late politics of Augusta.
    The “Reverand” MayorHisHonor Davis, it seems, is a liar, cheat, thief and swindler.
    Typical democrat. No news here. Nothing to see folks. Move along….

  8. Like Crooked Sammie Sais and the Crooked Mayor Davis, I bet you $Dollars to Donuts more than one other Commissioner is just as crooked and they have led as a team to lie, steal, and cheat from the citizens of Augusta, their families, and all the rest that are not on their team. So Augusta is loaded with crooked employees in leadership positions that give back to these crooks and cover up their misdeeds. Only a complete forensic audit will discover who they are to get rid of the rest of the trash.

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