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Augusta Mayor’s Financial Records Produce More Questions Than Answers



Mayor Hardie Davis says investing in Augusta is what makes the city strong, but he doesn't always put his money where his mouth is.

In his recent State of the City address, Davis emphasized the importance of investing in Augusta. During the pandemic, he asked people to buy locally and even donat...

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  1. Hardie?? This stuff ain’t going away, is it? I wonder if Hardie is going to pull a Cuomo tact here by just ignoring and not responding to any of these issues? Eventually, something else will capture the local media’s attention and this will be put in the back burner, and then POOF!!!…it’ll be time for his time in office will be over. I sure hope not. The more I read about Davis, the more I don’t trust him.

  2. I agree with Russell Smeak King Hardie will just continue to kick the can down the road until it is forgotten. But I wonder how much moving expenses Ms Burks was allowed to move to Augusta and again where is our county commissioners on this issue?

  3. Thank God there are good people in the media reporting on issues that have been taking place for some time in Augusta’s government. Call your elected officials and demand action! When a commissioner knows what’s taking place in our city and will not stand up and publicly address these issues they are culpable and should also be held accountable. Augusta has a few commissioners that stand up and address malfeasance in our local government. Unfortunately we also have commissioners with their heads in the sand, afraid or cutting back room deals with each other keeping the public in the dark.

    • “In the sand” is not where these “unfortunate” commissioners (they do not deserve capitalized, correct titles), have their heads. I’ll give you another guess for free. The truly sad thing is that the Real Taxpayers (Walton Way/Park Place neighborhoods), don’t care. As long as their little piece of the World is patrolled by RCSD, and the “undesirables” are kept at bay, THEY DO NOT CARE WHAT Davis does. Let their “Dome of Utopia” suffer a fracture, and then WATCH OUT ! And the rest of Augusta/Richmond County deals with the shenanigans.

  4. Sounds to me like the Mayor could have put himself into a situation where he had no choice but to hire some people and firms from Ft. Lauderale to cover up what may or may not have happened at a Mayors convention there?

  5. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark (Augusta)” perfectly describes the corruption or current situation in the city. Keep up the mayoral investigation, as well as the probe into the fire chiefs hiring. Neither pass the smell test. Good work Augusta Press.

  6. Wow, wow, and more wow is all I can say! This STINKS to high heaven and we know it, they know it, and everybody else that doesn’t know needs to know! For all these people who think ethic rules do not pertain to them, shame on you! Spending money out of town when there are hundreds of businesses who were starving for money to stay afloat during all this. Did I get my point across? Unbelievable is what this is and in my opinion a total misuse of funds. Who would have ever thunk it from our dearly beloved Mayor of Augusta, GA., King Hardie Davis! I’m liking this Augusta Press more and more every day! Keep up the great work!

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