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Augusta Starbucks’ workers go on strike



Unfair work conditions, slashed hours and unjust firings are all recurring problems workers claim at the Starbucks on Robert C. Daniel Parkway.

On Tuesday, they picketed outside the store, shutting it down and joining hundreds of Starbucks’ employees nationwide who say they are still facing thes...

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  1. Do you really think that serving coffee will pay you a living wage? They will just cut the workforce if they raise your pay. I’m amazed everyday how little people understand about economics and supply and demand. Stockholders want more for their stock not less. Company owners are in the business to make money not take their profits and give them away. As much as people want to take from the rich and give it to everyone else? That’s not going to happen.

  2. Economics…. Customers will head to Dunkin and enjoy their expensive cup of coffee because your location is closed due to the strike. Then Starbucks just closes that location permanently because their costs to hire employees in this area just isn’t worth it. Next, Dunkin leases the former Starbucks location, and then hires non-union workers. Now Dunkin has a line out onto Robert C Daniel Pkwy, and you Barista are still left sitting there with your sign…

  3. Welcome to your union jobs! I go out of my way to shop local businesses that are non union folks trying to make a living after investing their life savings to open their business. Unions jobs cause prices to increase so in order to show a profit, you have to raise prices in your business to cover higher wages, thus your customers head to competitor to make their purchases! Good luck on paying your union dues to a system that causes inflation to all.

  4. How did these babies get through school knowing so little. I don’t buy anything I can avoid from “Union workers”
    because they only add to the cost without adding to the betterment of the product. I avoid any picketing union workers and the business they work for at all costs including doing without something I may want, because if they win the public loses. If you have the money for alcohol, cigarettes, hair dye, or tattoos then you don’t need any more to waste. Take that money and spend it to make your life better or save it to move on to a better job.

  5. I’m no fan of unions, but I do know that they tend to work best when the workers are skilled (i.e., it takes significantly longer than a singe day to learn how do do the job), or very physically demanding. Unions do not do well in situations where workers are basically unskilled, and the labor being done is not terribly tasking – there’s just not much value there to either the consumer or the employer to justify the increased costs that must be borne by both inherit with the union.

  6. They say to boycott Starbucks. I’ve been doing that for a good while now after they allowed the employees to wear BLM shirts but no shirts about Christianity.

    I’m glad they are failing. I hope all the stores close and someone better comes in to take over their stores.

  7. That Starbucks is always busy and the people there work hard to get people their coffee. Every time I’ve gone to that store the baristas have been absolutely lovely. Their demands seem perfectly reasonable to me, but rather than listen to the people that work for them the managers seem to be going out of their way to make their jobs harder. Hardworking people like these are why Starbucks make their money. Praying for victory for these hardworking people!

  8. Well perhaps it is time to compare your working conditions to the conditions of those who started the Unions. Those were people with reason to complain. Locked in fire traps for 12 hours a day stationed at a sewing machine or assembly line for a dollar a week. Of course you didn’t need much
    Money because you were under 12 and helping to support your family. Today’s market place will only get worse. Sure employees can complain, strike and do whatever but the best advice is perhaps if you hate your employer’s policies that much the job might not be the best fit for you.

  9. Purpled Haired chick with multiple piercings: Check
    Guy with neck beard wearing absurd hat check
    Guy wearing a wool cap in 95 degree heat : check
    If the guy behind the sign has a manbun I have BINGO!

  10. Beware the same fate as the fast-food workers demanding $15 and hour. Robots make quick work of this type of jobs and they are coming. Ask McDonalds about kiosks and robots in the kitchen. More education would probably help all of these folks succeed in the workforce rather than fill coffee cups. Starbucks will just shut down the stores and give the good employees an option to move to another store. Customer service unions usually do not fare well in the South.

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