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Augusta Stormwater Fee Program to receive scrutiny



At the Augusta Commission meeting on Aug. 16, District 10 Commission John Clarke pushed for a full audit of the Stormwater Fee Program. Clarke did not get his audit, but the Engineering Department will have to provide a full accounting of the program.

The commission tasked the Engineering Depart...

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  1. On my way to work downtown, I would see the signs that Commissioner Clarke was talking about, on River Watch Parkway. Yes, this was discussed at today’s Commission Meeting. Personally, cutting the grass on River Watch Parkway is not a valid use for stormwater fee money. Clearing ditches yes, cutting the grass no. The monies should be used to maintain drains and such. Clearing storm drains and catch basins would be valid, but not grass cutting. That should be paid for by some other means. A good use for the money is to help that woman with the flooding off Calhoun Expressway. THAT is a stormwater problem. I’m sure she would appreciate the help.

  2. We were supposed to see a report in 2021. Didn’t the engineering department add fifteen new supervisor’s just to oversee the stormwater program? Don’t these supervisor’s have assigned areas including the detention ponds? Don’t these supervisor’s issue monthly reports on the work being performed? Engineering even hired a stormwater manager Oscar Flite to manage the new platoon of supervisor’s. When I looked at the charges to maintain the detention pond in our neighborhood a contractor cut the grass for less than $3,000 and the next time it was cut it was more than $70,000. It is a very small pond. The pond was cut more times per year prior to the 2016 stormwater fee began. Engineering has stopped cutting the weeds and trees from Rae’s Creek, something they did one to three times per year prior to the stormwater fee. So yes, where is the money being spent? When projects like the 5th street bridge run over budget is our stormwater fee being diverted to make up the difference?

  3. I have said for a long time that I feel the water department is the only department in Richmond County that Makes a profit. Also I think other departments take from this profit, that’s why our water rates are so much higher than Columbia County. Some of us in Richmond County would like to have nice looking lawns but these high water rates prevent it.

  4. It’s about time – as a business owner who pays tens of thousands of dollars annually in stormwater fees, I’d like to know both how the money is spent and how much is actually collected. The $10M/year figure mentioned in the article seems low. Also, the billing for this is ridiculously inefficient – some of my properties receive ten bills/month!

  5. Stormwater fee, the biggest scam ever that any so called Government came up with to suck more money from the people. All it is is a big ole slush fund that brings in millions of dollars a year for them to steal from and divert money from. And they know it! And to learn they hired an entire new fleet of so called Managers really makes me mad. I’m sure they hired all their buddies and family also. Pathetic abuse of taxpayer money is all the Stormwater fee is.
    “The commission tasked the Engineering Department with giving a presentation to the Engineering Committee on Sept. 6 to include a full accounting of how much money has been taken in over the past year and how that money has been spent.” This will never happen I guarantee you!
    So please if you don’t have the Augusta 311 app on your phone download it today and use it or call them. Make them get off their buttocks and go to work!

  6. Here’s praying that John Clarke runs for Frantom’s seat when vacant.
    311 has an online account that allows you to submit issues and receive a Service Request Number for tracking. You can log in and look at your service requests going back to day one for your records.
    Risk Management just needs to purchase the houses on Ellis Street that have been destroyed by Augusta’s negligence.

  7. So I don’t know if any of you remember ACAVE..but one of the points they brought up was the millions that were earmarked for Walton Way @ Gordon Highway and also Walton Way @ Wrightsboro in the Laney Walker area..if I’m not mistaken these areas still have drainage issues and the money cannot or will not be accounted for…

  8. As usual, the commissions deep seated aversion to audits by outside auditors, has a smell of a backed-up sewer! Also, I find it interesting that my Augusta Chronicle has a strong aversion to putting this kind of bad news in its publication. That is why it is on the downhill slide! It is GREAT having the Augusta Press covering the real news that we taxpayers need to see.

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