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Augusta Vaccination Incentive Program Out Of Control



The wagons have circled around the Vax Up Augusta! program, and no one wants to claim responsibility for the $1.5 million in federal funding being used to provide $100-per-shot incentives for COVID-19 vaccinations for Augusta residents.

Staff in City Administrator Odie Donald’s office replied to...

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  1. This typical of a government program run amuck. The program was ill conceived and no checks and balances put in place. What’s worse is the attitude of these government workers are is “Oh Well”, I just work here not my responsibility.
    And when the Federal government conducts a audit of how the money was spend and distributed, the People of Richmond County will be on the hook to pay it back.

  2. Sad to say, but the majority of A/RC Commissioners, and a lot of the Employees have no clue how to manage money, much less a multi-million dollar project. The blind cannot lead the blind. As long as the uneducated voters elect candidates who they think will give them ‘free-stuff’ this will continue.

  3. Perfect example of why the arena didn’t pass! If Richmond County government won’t be accountable for 1.5 million imagine the debacle with more!! The buck doesn’t stop at the top…it just gets passed from department to department!

  4. Why does Augusta-Richmond County keep paying individuals who cannot preform the basic duties if their job? Aren’t these supposed to be qualified and trained employees? What private business would tolerate this type of incompetence and unaccountability?

  5. Augusta is well practiced in spending federal grants and funds without accountability. They were audited after spending federal funds on the 2014 storm damage cleanup and came up short. IIRC, there was a push to have us repay the feds after that mess.

  6. Most actions taken by Richmond County are actions taken without thought to the consequences and execution.
    No accountability. I was advised not to move to Richmond County for those very reasons. No progress will be effective unless more thought is given to process.

  7. Every one of these ‘relief’ bills is loaded with payouts to buy Democrat votes. Folks, we are careening towards some damage that will not be undone without significant PAIN for all involved. Get out and vote, vote for a correction back to sanity.

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