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Augustans’ average household bills rise more than 11% since 2020



Augusta is typically lauded for its attractive cost of living.

But the second-largest city in Georgia hasn't been immune to inflationary pressures.

In the last three years, the average spend in Augusta on the 10 most common household bills has risen by 11.4% from $1,550 to $1,727, according...

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      • Moses, you and the rest of the Democrat Socialist deniers refuse to accept facts. Nobody paid these prices three years ago even with Covid. How can anyone get over what your administration has caused?

  1. Look at the prices of groceries and trying to go out to eat under this administration. Even trying to feed birds. Bird seed went from $18 a bag to $30. Restaurants change their menus almost weekly. One local restaurant has a very small sirloin steak, 6oz. and one side, not salad, $17.99. Democrats, will you ever wake up? It wasn’t like this three years ago.

  2. The BRIGHT SIDE of this article is the photograph emphasizing the enduring strength of nuclear power in Georgia that is unusual in America today as the dumbo greenies shut down their nuclear power plants! A perilous approach based on replacing fossil fueled and nuclear power dependency of America with solar and wind. Clearly, placing our economy and future on HOPE rather than the cold hard facts of lessons already learned in left wing states. Why is industry moving to Georgia from the green North?? DEPENDABLE POWER! So, count your blessings Augusta for the nuclear power that we have waited so long for. The other financial category cost increases are directly the result of the inflation that a totally out of touch Biden administration has brought us! An administration that is clueless, living in our “divorced from America” capitol of Washington D.C.!!!!

  3. Bill category 2020 2021 2022
    Mortgage $986 $991 $1,035 5.0%
    Rent $882 $882 $931 5.6%
    Auto loan $348 $368 $395 13.5%
    Utilities $295 $288 $297 0.7%
    Auto insurance $133 $145 $211 58.6%
    Mobile phone $95 $87 $98 3.2%
    Cable & Internet $116 $124 $124 6.9%
    Total $1,550 $1,687 $1,727 11.4%

    The “Big Picture” is Plant Vogle. Looks like utilities is the least.
    Looks like auto insurance is the culprit. “One Call Tha’s All”, 999-9999, The Stength Man, Mike Costello. Put their picture in your headline!

  4. A perspective that is good to be mindful of at this time of national debt dilemma of exactly who believes in the prosperity of the printing press over honest toil and effort.
    Why all the pussyfooting, & half stepping I ask ?
    Just print up and distribute to each American household enough freshly minted currency to have everyone officially rolling in wealth and be done with it?
    They could use the same government buses and planes currently distributing the tons of illegal people all over the country to distribute the tons of freshly printed currency to every household throughout country.
    Once and for all solving this great injustice by bringing lasting independent lives of leisure to us all !
    Then we’ll all live happily ever after & never have to have this discussion again , right ?

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