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Former Richmond County Deputy Fired Over Felycya Harris Murder Investigation

A former Richmond County Sheriff’s deputy has been fired from his job with the Snellville Police Department after being compelled to take a polygraph test...

Murders Unsolved in Augusta: The Violent Death of Teresa Lea McElderry

It has been twelve years since Teresa McElderry‘s body was discovered on a quiet dirt road, and investigators still have unanswered questions preventing them from making an arrest.

Murders Unsolved in Augusta: The Slaying Of William Carter

October 2021 will mark the 10-year anniversary of the slaying of William Carter, 27, a case that remains unsolved.

Augusta Aquatics Center Faces Continuing Challenges

Maintenance, staffing and funding continue to cause struggles for the Augusta Aquatics Center.

Murders Unsolved in Augusta: The Slaying of Antonio Slater

Virtually every aspect of the 2017 slaying of Antonio Slater, 27, remains murky, including who found his body and who might have wanted him dead.

Murders Unsolved in Augusta: The Slaying Of Leon Ellison

It has been over 25 years since the body of 17-year-old high school student Leon Ellison was discovered, and authorities are still scratching their heads...

Murders Unsolved in Augusta: The Slayings Of Nancy Cushman and Angela Brook

For two Warrenville families, Thanksgiving Day of 2010 became what many would consider a nightmare when they learned early in the morning that two of...

Murders Unsolved in Augusta: The Felycya Harris Homicide

Felycya Harris lived her life on the internet, and her death was documented online as well. Harris’ social media presence, however, may be the key to...

Murders Unsolved in Augusta: Charles Watkins Jr.

Richmond County investigators say they have a strong suspicion of who killed Charles Watkins Jr., 48, in 2020, but they lack the hard evidence needed...

Murders Unsolved in Augusta: Isaiah Randolph Selman Jr.

Rarely does a murder occur with almost no real evidence pointing to a motive or suspect leads as indicated in police reports, but the brutal...

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