Austin Rhodes

Augusta's longest tenured talk show host began his media career in 1983. Austin is an award-winning reporter, columnist, TV host, and all-around conservative provocateur. His domination in the local News/Talk format has been without peer. Along the way Austin has been named the Georgia Association of Broadcaster's "Radio Personality of the Year" four times. Married with two children, Austin is an active supporter of the arts and artists who call Augusta home!
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Opinion: Limbaugh’s Legacy Will Live On

My sincere apologies for the late column. The last time one of my writing assignments was pushed to the absolute last minute, not because of late-breaking...

JQC Complaints Could Mean the End for Chief Judge Carl Brown

“Astonished”“Brokenhearted”“Blown away”A small sample of the comments and responses from some of Augusta’s top legal minds as the news continues to circulate that the chief...

Philosophical Differences, Not Race, Driving Circuit Break Up

In the last two weeks we have seen the debate over Columbia County’s separation from the Augusta Judicial Circuit go from concept to crafted legislation....

Election Mystery Solved! The Dirty Trick? More Voters!

As a lifelong Georgia conservative, I would love to be able to embrace some dark, shadowy conspiracy theory about what led to the losses of...

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