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Debbie Reddin van Tuyll is an award winning journalist who has experience covering government, courts, law enforcement, and education. She has worked for both daily and weekly newspapers as a reporter, photographer, editor, and page designer. Van Tuyll has been teaching journalism for the last 30 years but has always remained active in the profession as an editor of Augusta Today (a city magazine published in the late 1990s and early 2000s) and a medical journal. She is the author of six books on the history of journalism with numbers seven and eight slated to appear in Spring 2021. She is the winner of two lifetime achievement awards in journalism history research and service.
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Let the Sunshine In: Additional resources are available

Resources are widely available to help citizens use the Georgia Open Records Law.

Column: Audiences, regulation and money are responsible for the state of American journalism today

Executive Editor Debbie Reddin van Tuyll responds to a reader's request to know more about how journalism got the way it is today.

Why Scott Hudson never got an A

Why was it so hard to earn an A in Dr. van Tuyll’s classes?

Column: Americans waited two months for a House of Representatives speaker to be elected in 1855

Americans got off easy with regard to the election of Rep. Kevin McCarthy of Calif. as speaker of the House of Representatives. His election only took 15 votes. An earlier candidate had to endure two months and 133 ballots before being elected.

Column: Telling fact from opinion isn’t easy

Telling fact from opinion is hard, but there are some clues to looks for.

Debbie Reddin van Tuyll: America is already great

Traveling in Europe to catch up on family visits missed during COVID-19, Debbie Reddin van Tuyll finds that America is perceived as already great.

The Augusta Press wins prestigious Georgia Press Association Award

The Augusta Press has won the prestigious Freedom of Information award from the Georgia Press Association for work it did in its first year of publication to open up Richmond County government and to report on the men's basketball cheating scandal at Augusta University.

Area worshipers gather for community Easter sunrise service at Hillcrest Memorial Park

Worshipers gathered Easter Sunday morning for a community sunrise service at Hillcrest Memorial Park.

Parking lot death from natural causes, coroner says

No foul play was involved in the death of a man who died this afternoon at a Shopping Center parking lot off of Washington Rd.

For America, a free press is not optional

Freedom of the press is protected under the U.S. Constitution.

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