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Debbie Reddin van Tuyll is an award winning journalist who has experience covering government, courts, law enforcement, and education. She has worked for both daily and weekly newspapers as a reporter, photographer, editor, and page designer. Van Tuyll has been teaching journalism for the last 30 years but has always remained active in the profession as an editor of Augusta Today (a city magazine published in the late 1990s and early 2000s) and a medical journal. She is the author of six books on the history of journalism with numbers seven and eight slated to appear in Spring 2021. She is the winner of two lifetime achievement awards in journalism history research and service.
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Hodson joins The Augusta Press staff

Sandy Hodson has joined The Augusta Press staff as its new courts reporter.

Brackett named The Augusta Press managing editor

Charmain Z. Brackett has been named Augusta Press managing editor.

Breast Cancer: Debbie Van Tuyll

Debbie Reddin van Tuyll survived and even thrived in her year with breast cancer. Read her story.

Opinion: Media Literacy Is a Challenge for Most Americans Today

Being able to tell the difference between facts and opinion is the beginning of media literacy.

Media Literacy Is Key to American Public Life and Civic Engagement

Media Literacy Week begins today and is a celebration of one of the primary skills required for effective participation in American democracy.

9/11 Retrospective: Airline Pilot Ponders Possibility of Other Terrorists That Day

No one knows for sure if only four terrorist crews were on tap to hijack airliners on Sept. 11, 2001. Four men on American Airlines Capt. Kent Fronseca's flight from Boston were at least likely "people of interest."

9/11 Retrospective: Grounded Pilot Remembers 9/11

The Sept. 11 attacks grounded American Airlines pilot Andy Shane, who tried to reassure passengers they were safe.

9/11 Retrospective: Photo Essay of Sept. 11 and Afterward

Debbie van Tuyll presents a slideshow of photographs she's collected to show what happened on Sept. 11 and afterward.

Beer 101: Tip Top Taps Offers A Variety of Craft Beer On Tap

Tip Top Taps offers a variety of craft beer.

AFGHANISTAN: More than One Administration Is To Blame, Retired Officer Says

The failings in Afghanistan can’t be blamed on a single administration, but rather all of them since President George W. Bush, according to a retired...

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