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Joe Edge is a lifelong Augusta GA native. He graduated from Evans high school in 2000 and served four years in the United States Marine Corps right out of High School. Joe has been married for 18 years and has five children.
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Column: $19 million sale of Augusta manufacturing facility completed by two local SIOR brokers

The $19 million sale of the FLSmidth building is one of the largest ever in the CSRA.

Kemp trouncing Perdue in gubernatorial campaign fundraising

Gov. Brian Kemp is dominating gubernatorial fundraising fewer than four months before the May 24 Republican primary.

Richmond County Government is Fearful of Real Journalism and the Truth it Uncovers

In nearly one year in publication, The Augusta Press staff have learned a few lessons.

Opinion: Majority of New Arena Cost Will Be Paid By Renters and Businesses

With $250 million you could easily solve the homelessness crisis, demolish every blighted structure and fix all of the stormwater infrastructure thus getting rid of the need for the storm water tax. Paying $8.00 per month for those results would be a proposal I could get behind.

Column: Government Spending is One Cause of Affordable Housing Crisis

A real estate focused response to Mayor Hardie Davis Op-Ed related to security deposit insurance.

Opinion: Paying Off Your Home Can Be a Financial Mistake

Joe Edge explains the nuts and bolts of real estate debt and how it can actually be a benefit.

Opinion: Property Tax Increases Hurt Apartment Renters Most

Apartment rental rates in the Augusta/Richmond County are skyrocketing. The main culprit for higher rents locally is a property tax increase that occurred in 2020...

News Analysis: Audit Shows Mayor’s Credit Card Use Violated State Law

An internal audit commissioned by Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis shows that the Mayor’s Office violated both state law and city procurement procedures with the use...

Opinion: Regency Mall is Not the Real Problem

The Regency Mall problem is not the roadblock to growth in the District 5 area. The mall has sat idle for years, a scourge on...

Opinion: Demographics Show Downtown Augusta Cannot Sustain Grocery Store Chain

If we as a community want a new grocery store downtown, we must first be honest with ourselves on why we have been unsuccessful in...

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