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Joe Edge is a lifelong Augusta GA native. He graduated from Evans high school in 2000 and served four years in the United States Marine Corps right out of High School. Joe has been married for 18 years and has five children.
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Column: Stacey Abrams has made a Regency Mall size mistake

Steven Kendrick’s campaign misstep of announcing the Regency Mall development came a high price. Stacey Abram’s campaign recently made a Regency Mall size mistake that is making me wonder if Kendrick’s campaign manager is advising her.

Joe Edge: Sylvia Cooper: Mayor trades crown for tweed jacket

Mayor Hardie Davis Jr. is headed to Atlanta to teach public policy classes at Georgia Tech. Really.

Real Estate Column: Low-income apartments coming to Richmond County but not Columbia County

Several tax credit apartment developments have been proposed in Columbia County in recent years but were unable to move forward either due to site-related issues or zoning restrictions. Richmond County, however, has new low-income apartments being built and more could be on the way.

Column: Joe Edge pinch hits for Sylvia Cooper to bring the ugly truth about the storm water and the mayor

In Sylvia Cooper's absence this week, Joe Edge talks storm water and the mayor.

Column: With eight-figure real estate transactions trending down, one sells locally for $17.4 million

According to this real estate column, apartment sales of more than $10 million are trending downward, but one sold last week for $17.4.

Opinion: Biblical mandate for kings of Israel is strong argument for weak mayor structure

The weak mayor structure in Augusta-Richmond County was probably not have been created with Deuteronomy 17 in mind, but the structure has protected the community for over two decades from overzealous mayors who would seek to use the office for personal gain rather than service of others. 

Column: Real Estate wholesaling needs to be outlawed in Georgia

Joe Edge explains the concept of real estate wholesaling and why the practice should be outlawed in Georgia.

Letter to charter school board contradicts Kendrick’s statements

Steven Kendrick has maintained the Augusta Economic Development Authority is not part of the Regency Mall redevelopment project, but a November 2021 letter seems to contradict that.

Opinion: Regency Mall proposal is designed to bamboozle citizens

The Augusta Press Publisher Joe Edge lays out three possible scenarios in light of Steven Kendrick's recent announcement of a development at Regency Mall.

Column: The ugly truth about local property tax increases

Property tax increases are the result of increased government spending, and Joe Edge explains why.

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