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Joe Edge is a lifelong Augusta GA native. He graduated from Evans high school in 2000 and served four years in the United States Marine Corps right out of High School. Joe has been married for 18 years and has five children.
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COLUMN: Churches need to be clear on what beliefs they hold

Fox News recently ran a story on Feb. 1 about First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Fla. and its decision to require members to sign a statement on Biblical sexuality. Members must sign the statement by March 19 or loose their membership.

Sheriff Roundtree: Tough on food weak on crime

It is no secret that the last two years I have used the Open Records Act to request many emails from both elected officials and government employees. What I have found is often shocking. Other times it is downright hilarious.

Column: MLK would dream of a different political reality if still alive today

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be disappointed in contemporary American politics and political culture if he were alive today.

Column: Being mayor cost Hardie Davis almost everything  

Being the mayor of Augusta was a tough undertaking for Mayor Hardie Davis, Jr. It nearly cost him everything. 

Column: Cameras keep honest people honest

Any argument against providing the sheriff’s office more cameras is not based in logic.

Column: Some businesses are not meant to survive

As the economy inches towards recession, some businesses will thrive and others will not survive. 

Column: Trump lawsuit could set dangerous precedent for property owners

The general argument in the lawsuit is that the values of properties were grossly inflated to obtain financial gain. If proven true, the outcome of the suit could have far reaching implications on all commercial property owners nationwide.

Column: Augusta is teetering on the edge of disaster

Augusta has seen marginal growth the last two decades, however, crime, corruption and failing schools are putting the community’s future growth prospects in jeopardy.

Column: The value of human dignity

Joe Edge lauds the recent decision of a federal appeals court regarding Augusta's strip club ordinances.

Column: Stacey Abrams has made a Regency Mall size mistake

Steven Kendrick’s campaign misstep of announcing the Regency Mall development came a high price. Stacey Abram’s campaign recently made a Regency Mall size mistake that is making me wonder if Kendrick’s campaign manager is advising her.

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