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Joe Edge is a lifelong Augusta GA native. He graduated from Evans high school in 2000 and served four years in the United States Marine Corps right out of High School. Joe has been married for 20 years and has six children.
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Column: The Chosen TV show does more harm than good for spread of Gospel message

From its inception I have been skeptical about “The Chosen” and its potential impact on society.

Column: Augusta Cybergate continues to cripple city

The city will have to come clean eventually about Cybergate, and a reckoning is likely to follow.

Column: Augusta Fire Dept. sets up smoke screen in dragging incident

The Fire Departments refusal to answer basic questions about one of its officers is going to result in a five-alarm fire PR crisis.

Mullins deposition alleges Augusta National member swapped tee times for charitable donations

Joe Mullins and Ian Jack of Golf Travel LLC have been embroiled in a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit for more than two years. In depositions given as part of the proceedings, both Mullins and Jack allege that a member of the Augusta National traded tee times for charitable contributions across several years.

Column: Talking about transparency isn’t the same as being transparent

Transparency is as transparency does, Sheriff Roundtree.

Column: Sheriff Roundtree would arrest journalists if the law allowed for it

A free and open press is the cornerstone of democracy and is required if we are going to remain a free people.

Column: Title IX changes and Trans trends could collide with Augusta National

The controversy surrounding transgender athletes will eventually collide with the Augusta National at some point in the future.

Augusta National to improve city owned golf course “The Patch”

Augusta National Chairman Fred Ridley announced Wednesday that the Augusta National Golf Club was entering into a partnership with Augusta Tech, First Tee of Augusta and the city of Augusta related to the only city owned course.

Augusta National’s footprint could soon expand

Recent acquisitions by the Augusta National could result in a property assemblage along Rae’s Creek from the Augusta Country Club all the way to Berckman’s Rd.

No. 13 at Amen Corner extended increasing difficulty of iconic hole

Amen Corner refers to holes 11, 12 and 13 at the back of the course near Rae’s Creek. Number 13 will bee 35 yards longer this year.

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