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John Clarke believes it's time and passed for a forensic audit of city finances, especially in light of the city's recent problems with the IRS.

John Clarke: Augusta needs to establish a new hiring process

Columnist John Clarke wants a process in place for hiring the new Augusta city administrator.

Column: Rantings from a rock and roller

Columnist John Clarke explores all the ways Augusta citizens can't get no satisfaction from the city government.

Column: Augusta’s hiring process should return to its original rules

Once upon a time, Augusta had rules about new hires. Columnist John Clarke fondly remembers those days.

Column: ‘Every litter bit hurts’

Too much buck passing results in too little maintenance of city-owned rights of ways.

Column: Boathouse is going unloved

The Boathouse needs some love, but it's not getting any from the Augusta Commission.

Column: The word no one in city government wants to hear

AUDIT !!! The most frightening word in the Augusta political arena.

Column: ‘HURRY call Uber, Grandma’s having a heart  attack’

John Clark, The Augusta Press's newest columnist, has a few comments on the Richmond County Commission's failure to arrive at an agreement with Gold Cross EMS.

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