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Mike Meyers is a public relations and community relations leader as well as a church pastor. He is known as a calm and decisive leader, who can communicate and deliver. As a former government information officer with 20 years in public service, Meyers is known as a servant leader who uses storytelling, consistency and big picture examples to connect audiences. He states that his mission is to inspire pride, engagement, and advocacy for “the least of these.” Mike believes that “He who manages the information - manages the future.”
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Column: Lots of highs and lows happening lately

Highs and lows have punctuated the recent days, but kindness and forgiveness can improve every day.

Column: Disagreeing doesn’t mean being disagreeable

Political disagree is an issue of free speech.

Column: Michael Meyers reviews election results

Michael Meyers reviews the election results.

Column: Michael Meyers considers what Augusta’s political future looks like

Michael Meyers answers recent questions posed to him about Augusta politics and other local issues.

Opinion: Michael Meyers wants to see people come together for Augusta’s success

Michael Meyers shares his hopes for a better Augusta in this week's column.

Opinion: Michael Meyers remembers Wayne Howard

Michael Meyers highlights his memories of a "humble servant and community leader."

Opinion: Why all the buzz about a deer stand?

Michael Meyers shares his thoughts about county commissioners.

Michael Meyers: Elections are getting closer

Michael Meyers looks at local politics, the Sheriff's office and the Ironman competition.

Michael Meyers: Readers are the reason for the success of The Augusta Press

Growing pains mark the success of the Augusta Press as Augusta University celebrates its successes.

Michael Meyers: Addressing crime starts at home

Michael Meyers addresses out-of-control gun violence among youth.

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