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Scott Hudson is an award winning investigative journalist from Augusta, GA who reported daily for WGAC AM/FM radio as well as maintaining a monthly column for the Buzz On Biz newspaper. Scott co-edited the award winning book "Augusta's WGAC: The Voice Of The Garden City For Seventy Years" and authored the book "The Contract On The Government."
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Something you may not have known: Augusta’s tee-totaling trader of tipple

Ed Sheehan was an Irish immigrant who went on to own a large soda and beer bottling factory and a popular saloon in downtown Augusta.

Diamond Lakes repairs will cost nearly $1 million

The Richmond County Commission voted at its Feb. 21 meeting to fix the plumbing in the scoring towers at Diamond Lakes Park and Recreation Center.

Column: America’s ever evolving presidency

The American presidency today is far different from the way it was in George Washington's administration. Scott Hudson looks at some of the reasons for why that is.

MotorHeadline: The cars of the Communists

Over the past two decades, China has become one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers, and the cars are known for reliability; however, the history of Communist built cars is feeble at best.

Sen. Harold Jones new job is ethically questionable, sources say

A legal loophole allows Sen. Harold Jones to draw multiple government paychecks, a source tells The Augusta Press.

Something You May Not Have Known: Butterfly McQueen had Augusta ties

One of Scott Hudson's first Something You Might Not Have Known columns ran Jan. 25, 2021. We are rerunning it in honor of Black History Month.

Emails show Gold Cross EMS tried to help Augusta save zone

A Gold Cross official says he tried to help Augusta with its application to take over the local EMA zone.

Local veteran assistance group Forces United folds its flag

A local veteran assistance group has run its course.

Emergency meeting on ambulance service fails to gather quorum, Augusta loses zone

Augusta commissioners fail to reach a quorum that would have allowed them to make progress on obtaining a contract for an ambulance service.

Augusta ambulance service remains in limbo

Augusta Commissioners failed to accept the winning bid in the search for a new ambulance service.

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