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Battle between Burke County Sheriff and county government heats up



Burke County Sheriff Alfonzo Williams is speaking out about his continuing battle with the Burke County Board of Commissioners and county manager over who controls the Sheriff’s Office budget.

At a press conference on June 9, Williams said he is tired of being micromanaged and wants the public ...

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  1. “However, Burke County’s attorney, Barry Fleming, said the sheriff is attempting to exceed his authority and operate as his own island, free of complete transparency.”

    Wait. So Representative Barry Fleming is backing up Burke County government?! Color me shocked. I’m also completely shocked that the government officials get upset when the punishment they’ve decided on doesn’t really punish anyone the right way.

    As an aside – anyone else disappointed that TAP is going down the same biased road as the Chronicle paved? Yes Joe, we get it. You don’t like Kendrick, you don’t like Williams, you don’t like anyone who isn’t sucking from the government teat.

    • No disappointment here. It’s not a nutrition source issue. TAP is exposing questionable, unethical, corrupt, and criminal behavior by elected officials, government employees, government contractors, and political candidates. Bias? This article seems to present both sides of this dispute known to date, and more details may emerge later. Sheriff Williams’ efforts to save money are admirable, but one better have a valid business case and supporting financial data/documentation when you start a conflict with the people who control the money. He may be a great sheriff, but his workplace politics need some help.

    • There definitely is more to this. Some citizens do not realize Williams was required to notify the county about the grants and turn it over to them to be deposited into the general fund for the BCSO. Unless/until/if/when the ruling by Judge Stone is overturned, the money was required to stay in the General Fund to be allocated to the BCSO. He still was required to divulge the money from the beginning. Once he decided to put that money in a separate account before the Mandamus petition was initially ruled on, he violated the law. After the ruling, he was required to give that money to the County that should have been there to begin with. Had the Mandamus petition ruling been in his favor, the County would have then relinquished the money to Williams.

  2. It’s amazing and stunning that public officials do not recognize their fiduciary duties to spend taxpayer’s money responsibly and to account for each expenditure, if nothing other than to protect their own integrity and honesty. In my mind, “You can’t see the receipts.” or “I don’t have any receipts.” means that person spent the money illegally and/or without authorization. In most private sector businesses, if you did not submit a receipt with your expense report, the employer does not reimburse you for that expenditure. Elected officials who pull this stunt are idiots, criminals, or both.

  3. Sounds like there is a little “ugly” on both sides of the fence here. Sheriff Williams has a good reputation within the County. People are safer. However, Sheriff Williams also has to understand that he is a County employee. I am wondering why he originally filed the writ, in the first place. I take it, someone gave him some initial legal advice/legal information. Sounds like an open and honest discussion with County Administrator, Purchasing, and the Sheriff about “options”, would’ve been a better approach. I’m all for saving money, but there are SOME things that just have to be handled by the government. Yeah, if Fleet Services is $140 for an oil change, then I question are they providing some other service for the County vehicle ? If not, then yep, go support your local business. The County SHOULD support local businesses in the County — Everybody wins. That being said, I would have to agree that Payroll is off the table. That is a function of ANY County. Talk it out. Save money where it makes sense. Be transparent. It looks like it just got off on the wrong foot. TALK.

  4. The elected Sheriff in any Georgia county is the most powerful and influential person in that county , BUT , he is not “ALL POWERFUL” .
    The Georgia Constitution and state statutes delineate the duties and responsibilities (and the powers) of a Georgia Sheriff AND the duties and responsibilities (and the powers) of the local governing authority (the County Commission) .
    In my opinion , Burke County Attorney and State Representative (and probable future Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives) Barry Fleming AND Superior Court Judge Jesse Stone (the former Chairman of the Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee —- and probable future appointee to the Georgia Court of Appeals) have a better grasp of the lines separating the duties , responsibilities, and powers of the various elected officials —- than the unnamed Attorney representing the Sheriff .

    I may not be correct , BUT , that is the way to bet .

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