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C4 Live’s XPR Augusta concert fiasco blows up on mayoral candidate



Augusta Economic Development Authority Board Chairman Steven Kendrick says he was unaware that refunds for Masters week concerts at Lake Olmstead Stadium have not been refunded, and he has promised to get to the bottom of the matter.

Would-be concert goers for shows are fuming that they have not...

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  1. Hmmm… one could win an election if he/she used… say a “severance pay package” to refund to those suffering from the lack of a ticket refund?

    What am I thinking? There would have to be an independent consultant hired to determine the feasibility of such a task… and all those billable hours for the legal team (or would they be on retainer?)… and a website created to announce the probability of such a gracious offering.

    Can’t wait for the Sunday edition, Sylvia!

  2. Does anyone remember the old CSRA Classic college football weekend in Augusta. I remember someone going to prison for mishandling funds for that event. Is this just another way to fund their campaign? Hopefully the truth about this failed event will come out!

  3. Kendrick’s development authority turned the stadium over to a company that has essentially demolished it to the point it is now unusable by anyone for any purpose. And, the city has not collected a dime from these people.
    It’s been two months since the “problem” was discovered, more than enough time for an engineer to come up with a solution.
    Has anyone even looked at the contract between the development authority and the promoters? How did the development authority get control of the stadium from the City of Augusta in the first place?

  4. When they finally do the forensic audit of the mayor’s office, they need to add the tax commissioner’s office to the audit. Kendrick is making Lori Myles look honest and ethical. He should make refunds to the ticket holders out of his campaign funds, since that is likely the source of the $6,000 out-of-town donation. SIas, Davis, Kendrick – who’s next?

  5. This is a definite no vote for Kendrick. Not one thing he has done since announcing his run for mayor has been ethical. This just points up the corruption that appears to run rampant in the Augusta governing body. It is a sad state of affairs, another potential opportunity squandered by greed , graft and incompetence. The field goes the way of the depot and other common areas within the CSRA.

  6. If you like down with dogs…you come up with fleas

    Should be his campaign slogan.

    Once talent is paid, ticket holders given their money back; the property should be made whole.

    Just as my original comments this event was never going to happen, neither are these.

  7. Wait just a minute…
    …so a $6,000 campaign contribution from a Las Vegas entity to a mayoral candidate, in a small city all the way across the country that the entity has only heard of because of an annual major golf tournament, who just also happens to be the current chairman of the development authority of the same said city who this entity is in negotiations with to acquire rights to an event venue it hopes to convert to a money making venture during said tournament week every year is not an issue.

    Even if you can’t spell quid pro quo, you would know that this for that just happened. Or was about to happen until some as yet not fully explained problem arose that has now rendered a perfectly good baseball stadium useless as it sits right now.

    Now sure, perfectly good is in the eyes of the beholder but no one can argue it was the best baseball stadium in Augusta/Richmond County.

    But that is a whole other story, let’s get back to how the Development Authority took over control of the stadium and allowed this whole mess to happen in the first place. And of course the $6000 campaign contribution would never enter the thought process of whether or not the development authority contracted with this entity. Now, the city supposedly has not seen a dime from the out of town developer. So does that mean all the other contractors, Kulhke, et al, are out holding the bag as well?

    You can’t make stuff up as good as this.

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