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Can America Survive?



Can America survive? It depends on what we mean by “America.”

There will always certainly be some kind of country in our neck of the woods. But what kind of country? When people say “America,” they mean more than a place; they mean a set of ideals that we either are or should be living to. In pa...

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  1. EXCELENT thought provoking article…but I wonder if we are not being duped by media and politicos into thinking the majority of Americans are in favor of laws and sanity. Here is my research:
    USA 331,000,000

    WHITE 60% 198,600,000
    BLACK 13% 43,030,000
    NATIVE INDIAN 1% 3,300,000
    ASIAN 6% 19,860,000
    HISPANIC 18% 59,580,000
    OTHER 2% 6,600,000

    TOTAL 331,000,000


    WHITE 2% 3,972,000
    BLACK 15% 6,400,000
    ASIAN 0% 0
    HISPANIC 5% 2,970,000
    OTHER 1% 60,000

    TOTAL 13,342,000 4%


    • Just as apathy has infected religious practice, so has the vast majority become disinterested in politics. It seems that only major catastrophes, or major personalities, attract the attention of a sizeable number of Americans. Is this something new, or something very, very old?

      • Biden was elected through corruption. Compare the number of people that voted in the presidential election versus the number of people that voted in the recent election. I have several military friends who live in the Atlanta area. They all are conservative. Yet I understand that all of the military votes were for Biden. I do not believe keeping ballets under a table and pulling them out to be tabulated by a few people is acceptable My insurance was hacked a few years ago, my husband’s work place was hacked, MCG, The doctor’s hospital have both been hacked. I had several credit cards hacked. The oil supply and meat supply were hacked. Best buy was hacked. The list is endless. It is not much of a leap to think voting machines were hacked. Biden is an embarrassment and it is obvious he has dementia. I predict 15 to 20 percent inflation, gas prices over 4.00 a gallon by the end of the year. The gap between the rick and poor will continue to grow. The people need to wake up and realize we are heading down the wrong path.

        • One of the things I always admired about John Adams — although I’m not a true Adams ‘fan’ — is that he accepted defeat to his arch enemy Thomas Jefferson and left office without a fuss. In a democracy, we may fight to win, but we also have to be willing to lose.

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