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City stalls releasing records on Sen. Harold Jones new government job



Georgia State Sen. Harold Jones (D-Augusta) started work on Jan. 2 as a “compliance officer” for the city’s State Court, but he doesn’t want to talk about his new job, and neither do most of those who know about the recent appointment.

In a phone interview Jones refused to answer basic questions...

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  1. Looks like ‘raiding the City’s coffers’ or ‘double dipping’ is the job description for Mr. Jones. Folks, this is what is happening with politicians all over our Country, and you wonder why our Country is in the shape it is in. Distrust of politicians is soon going to come to a ‘head’. Folks are getting sick and tired of politicians running ruff shod over them. Enough is enough!!!

  2. All politicians of any color should be put in jail for such actions, but this is happening so much more with the “new” black politicians. like they are giving out reoperations whether they are legal or not.

  3. COVID is no longer an excuse for every single government screw up and lack of transparency. Taxpayer’s should have a huge problem with the lack of information forthcoming regarding this position. The salary and “not having to show up for work”, are telling. Stop this nonsense Richmond County.

  4. The PROCESS of hiring seems to be the problem. Why not release the records if there is nothing to hide. “McIntyre did admit that Jones is not required to actually report to work in person.” I just don’t get it. Hopefully, the AP will continue to dig deeper into this matter. Secrecy in our local government is always scary. $85-$90 grand per year? Wow!! I would like to know more about this job description.

    • Yes – show us the records and the receipts! I wish I could get a job for $85-grand and not have to show up. Anybody who does this on our taxpayer dime ought to be ashamed of themselves. How do these people live with themselves and sleep at night?!

  5. You would think city and government officials would learn by now that they can’t slip anything past TAP. Many thanks to TAP and it’s reporters for not backing down and working to get to the truth of the matter! There are way too many red flags here for this “job” to be on the level and I would love to hear from Judge exactly WHY a job description and information on where it was posted for hire is so secret and not subject to the same rules/laws of every other public hire in Georgia.

  6. She got the idea from Hardie Davis and his paid, no-show, student intern email gopher and ex-judge Carl Brown and his daughter. Hopefully McIntyre will have an opponent in the next election who will refresh voters’ memories about Harold Jones’ undocumented “job” and beat her like a drum. She won’t get my vote. It is difficult to believe there is no law or regulation that prohibits and punishes this blatant, unethical, covert cronyism. The refusal to release Judge Craig’s memo and then misinterpret it demonstrates legal incompetence and/or nefarious intent.

  7. Just another alert to we tax payers that the current level of insider crookedness is far too high. When the government refuses to permit public scrutiny of appointments of this nature, be assured that the smell of the action is horrendous!! AND… as usual, we taxpayers pay the bill! Would be interesting to read the job description!!

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