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Columbia County Board of Education addresses parental comments at recent meeting



Editor's note: The following is an unedited statement from the Columbia County Board of Education in regards to comments by parents at the June 14 school board meeting.

During the public participation portion of the Regular Session of theBoard of Education meeting, on June 14, 2022, misleading a...

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  1. There was a claim made about a “trans” boy being allowed into a girl’s bathroom and peeping on a female student. And that this same boy groped another student. That allegation is not addressed in this statement.

    Is the board aware of such an event? Does recent of current policy or practice allow male students into female spaces? Has the board updated policies as a result of a female student being victimized? Was a report made to authorities?

      • The CCBOE has refused to respond to information shared with them, obtained through Open Records Requests, then when individuals share said information publicly, they cry “out of context”, “inaccurate”. I again, invite them to share the truth about the email stating that principals were not to share the informal transgender defacto practice/policy with staff. (and might I add “parents”) Please, I invite you to share the truth about e mails sent to teachers about student’s preferred pronouns, the recourse teachers have if they choose not to use preferred pronouns, disciplinary action when a leader compels the speech of another… what policies are in place if these circumstances were to arise or have they already occurred? I would invite the CCBOE to share why there is no policy or guidance in the code of conduct regarding biological sex and bathroom use… especially since there have been reports to the Columbia County Sheriff’s office regarding a biological boy in the girl’s restroom peeping. Transparency and Leadership are what we need. Our children and teachers are worth it!

  2. Since the CCBOE has referenced my comments to the board on June 14th in their statement, as a starting point, let’s all take a look at my remarks. I stand behind these remarks and still would like my questions answered. I would invite the CCBOE to demonstrate evidence of their “repeated” responses to my repeated inquiries regarding a policy ensuring girls have safe spaces exempt from biological boys, namely restrooms.

    On February 27th, 2021 the Harlem Elementary School Principal reported via email to another leader information from the Principal’s Conference on February 21st, 2021.
    Associate Superintendent Update:
    “’Navigating the Transgender Landscape’ Resource Guide. The guide states that we don’t have to do all that we are doing for transgender students. However, we’re going to continue to allow transgender students certain “rights” (restrooms, pronouns, etc”) Do not discuss this with staff. We are taking situations as they arise.”
    On August 26, 2021, some time after the principal’s conference the Augusta Press reported allegations of a biological boy in a girl’s restroom peeping, no charges were filed because of conflicting statements.
    School Board’s set policy.
    What is the reason that there is no current policy or specific detail outlined in the code of conduct regarding bathroom use and biological sex?
    Could it be because the CCSD allows transgender boys in the girl’s bathroom?
    Could it be that the CCSD turns a blind eye to transgender boys in girl’s bathrooms?

    On February 2, 2021, the GTHS WrapAround Counselor invited students to participate in a LGBTQ + Resiliency Group, students were going to be automatically included in this group unless teachers opted their students out. No response from a teacher was permission to attend and miss academic learning.
    Why would the wraparound counselor offer this group during academic class time? How many other groups are meeting during academic class time? How many students are missing out on academic learning to participate in the various groups? Although some groups have merit, offering these groups during class time is not warranted.
    Are our students at GTHS doing so well in academics that they can be excused from an academic class to participate in a non academic group?
    Is there any written documentation of parental consent to have their child excused from the academic learning?
    Is there any written documentation of parental consent to participate in a school lead LGBTQ group?

    You have a Wraparound Counselor encouraging staff to use certain pronouns. Also know as compelled speech, some would argue this is a violation of one’s first amendment rights. Again, why it is important to have a policy in place.
    A clear written policy is necessary because it protects students, teachers, administrators, and taxpayers. Policy sets a standard and an expectation. Policy protects from lawsuits. The CCSD and the CCBOE have chosen for some time to ignore the need for a written policy on the use of bathrooms in respect to biological sex and the use of (preferred) pronouns (despite being asked multiple times).

  3. I appreciate the Augusta Press following this issue fairly-such a breath of fresh air compared to the Chronicle! I am posting a copy of my remarks below to invite the public to view information for themselves. Additionally, results of my Open Records Requests and a wealth of other information can be viewed at http://www.refocusoneducation.com. The article I referenced is found at https://theaugustapress.com/evans-high-transgender-student-gets-separate-bathroom-after-peeping-allegations/.

    At the end of the day, it becomes very clear how people reach their conclusions. Those who do solid research from valid sources are happy to cite the path that brought them to their conclusions… while the others merely dress up their opinions as fact and arrogantly shame anyone who dares oppose them. I think it’s clear which road our school board and administrators have chosen. If only they protected our children’s safety with the same passion that they protect their own reputations…

    Last month I found out about Scott Hooker, a teacher that you employed in this school district. I heard from one of his victims, who said that her report fell on deaf ears. I did an open records request, only to find that not only did he admit to touching her in 2017, he was previously reprimanded in writing for a similar incident in 2015. And instead of firing him, you put him in an administrative position away from children. Then you let him be hired by another school district and do it to another child there.
    I’ve been speaking for over a year now to fix your library issues, and now this battle is fixing to get personal. When I was stationed in Germany, my daughter went to a Blue Ribbon elementary school. It was the best school there and everyone raved about the teachers-especially my daughter’s first grade teacher. After we moved away, I received a phone call that her teacher was under investigation for touching a girl in her class that year and they wanted my daughter to make a witness statement. I learned that they found pictures of little girls at recess on his phone. I also learned that a student from his past spoke up and said he had touched her as well when she was young. I never heard the final result of that investigation, and I can only hope he never has access to children again.
    But then I hear about Scott Hooker, and read how he was allowed to continue working in our schools under your watch, despite multiple documented offenses.
    In February 2021, Open Records show a principal emailing herself notes from a principal’s conference stating “We’re going to continue to allow transgender students certain “rights” (restrooms, pronouns, etc) Do not discuss this with staff.” And then we have allegations from August, where a transgender student was reported for peeping at a girl in the bathroom – following a previous report of trying to touch a classmate’s breasts – under your watch. Yet you still have created no policy on who can access which bathrooms and refuse to even have a conversation with the public. You bury the incident as if it never happened.
    So at this point you know children are being violated in your schools, and you refuse to do anything about it, other than hide it. You provide sexual books in your libraries and encourage educators to have conversations with students about sexuality (I have open records for that too). By now you should know that pedophiles target professions that give them access to children, and you have turned our schools into a pedophile’s wet dream by giving them ample opportunities to have these conversations with children.
    You call yourselves Christians, but you conveniently forget the parts of the Bible about the consequences for sexual sins and harming children. In both Matthew and 1st Corinthians we are told that Christians are expected to keep each other in check. You forgive the sinner, but you never accept sexual sin. First you educate members about their sin. Then you warn them with the help of others if they don’t fix it. But if they refuse, then you kick them out of the church so that their behavior doesn’t spread like a sickness. I’m fixing to go Biblical on you now. You have been educated, you have been warned, and now you need to go. It takes a special kind of person to allow a child abuser to continue working with children, all while providing ample opportunities to talk about sex. But I realize now that you are all very special kind of people.

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