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Column: Commissioners open a news chapter in ‘Politics 101’



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

It was déjà vu all over again when Augusta commissioners talked about a proposed Gold Cross EMS contract. They talked with one commissioner doing most of t...

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  1. The only time when a government-oriented thinker asks about “where will the money come from” is when it is something that does not directly benefit their friends or causes they believe deeply about. These same people don’t understand how a business operates at all, so they don’t know what losing money means. It means that the business has to lay off people (no jobs) and they quit buying things for the business (no positive local commerce impact). Worse of all about this is that sometime the phone will ring and nobody will come with an ambulance to save your momma.

  2. Bobby could check out the former mayor’s big black Chevrolet chariot to hall indigent patients to the hospital in, or to go adjust their thermostats like Augusta dispatcher’s send Gold Cross to do. Better yet just let Augusta pay Gold Cross for all of their transport invoices and then let Augusta bill the patients and insurance companies. That is what Augusta will have to do if they are operating the ambulance service.

  3. Bobby Williams should be run out of town. Abstaining from a vote should only be if there is a conflict of interest, not to keep the elected mayor from breaking a tie! Williams was elected to vote, not abstain.

  4. How much was that boondoggle over the Fifth Street bridge? Which gives more needed value to the citizens…ambulance service or the ability to look straight down inton the Savannah River? Apparently, those who are power grabbers for the City Fire Department to run the ambulance service. And, I et over time it will be more costly.

  5. What we see here is a Commission that is filled by a person suffering from
    “Short Man Syndrome,” general fiscal ignorance, malfeasance and voters who don’t pay the bills. The formula for failure. Also, I’m sure that Georgia Tech had a completely different definition of a Rambling Wreck than Hardy Davis.

  6. Forget about Summerville succeeding from the county. Let’s throw Bobby Williams’ district out of the county since they keep re-electing him to obstruct ARC’s safety, progress, and growth. They can call it Williams County, Williams can run it however he wants, and his serfs can pay homage and taxes to him. That may allow Summerville to cancel their plan.
    Where does Hardie Davis get the money to pay for all these consultants, assistants, resume writers, and spin doctors? Is his wife’s divorce lawyer tracking down all of his assets and sources of income? Will the IRS, GBI, DOJ, and FBI ever give him a hard look? Will anyone lose their job, be demoted, or be otherwise punished for the wrecked fire truck? Will Bobby Williams ask where from where the money to fix or replace the truck or pay the increased insurance premium will come?

  7. RCFD rolled another truck last night. One of their newer ones, so the FB story unfolded. The Austin Rhodes’ Show FB group showed another truck on its side last night. As far as the Gold Cross saga progresses, at the Commission Meeting last Tuesday, Steven Vincent was quizzed as to how giving up the zone would work — a phone call and 30 days. Well guess what ? If the Commissioners do not provide the subsidy on Tuesday, that same call will be made — not to work WITH ARC on ambulance service moving forward, but to pull out and leave ARC — same thirty day timetable.

    • If RCFD gets the ambulance service, how long before they roll an ambulance over with a patient inside? If the injured or sick person is conscious, that potential risk may make them ask a family member to drive them to the ER.

  8. Mayor Johnson, This is the perfect opportunity to show how Augusta is going to change. Please put Bobby Williams in his place. The voters expect you to do something to keep Williams from trying to maintain the dysfunctional government of the past

  9. TICK. TICK. TICK. The sound of the countdown to total disaster in Augusta Richmond County. Fire “professionals” can’t operate fire equipment. We will very soon have no emergency medical care. A former mayor won’t leave city hall. A government designed by two later-convicted felons allows for NO votes to control outcomes. Sheriff’s Department down by some 40 officers. (When did you last see someone pulled over for traffic offense?). And how long will we be able drink the water? We finally have a capable leader in Garnett Johnson. Before disasters strike, commissioners, re-write the city charter. GIVE THE MAYOR POWER!

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