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Column: A potpourri of thoughts



So much has been going on in Augusta, it's hard to find a good place to start. Especially this past week with it being Masters week. 

Washington Road was bumper-to-bumper, and the businesses were slamming and jamming to the beat of "cha-ching" as the green hit the register drawers. &nb...

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  1. We all know who will be the bully of the no votes..anytime you turn on the light the cockroaches run for cover..it’s past time for financial investigations..I don’t believe it will ever happen..

  2. Former Commissioner Clarke Why not start where you left off sex scandal in code enforcement? Yes I support a forensic audit of Augusta Richmond County going back before Commissioner McKnight, and Clarke was elected. if it was a priority for this mayor, or the former mayor they would have requested help with forensic audit from Atlanta. I certainly appreciate your, and commissioner McKnight support on this issue. Let’s not forget this is your Cemetery budget also. I was there every minute of the Budget hearings lobbying for the Cemeteries. Hands if the mayor had a vote would there be five votes for a forensic audit of Augusta County? Have there ever been more than 2 votes out of 10? No doubt that imaginary rug at the entrance of the municipal building has become a tripping hazard!

    • The former Mayor was too busy spending taxpayer money without receipts, so he sure as Hell did not want/support an audit. He was too busy going to conferences out of the Country to care. Can SOMEONE please tell me the name of the Auditor, that performs the annual “CLEAN” audit ?? I would love to have a deeply religious experience meeting with them. I think that ARC is getting fleeced, if they say “clean”, and charge the City an audit fee. I’m going to have to ASSUME they have never heard of GAAP, or for sure they don’t practice or preach it. Good Job, John….

  3. The only meaningful audit ever conducted throughout the ARC Government will have to come from the State or Feds. I don’t believe you will ever see a local decision for any type of meaningful audit. Commissioners McKnight and Clark tried their best to get an audit while in Office but were made outcasts due to pushing for an audit. With the mushrooming IRS problems the public should demand an audit and some heads to roll for malfeasance.

  4. Great questions, John.
    Thanks for raising these important points.
    I do hope Commissioner McKnight calls for an independent audit. Even if it gets voted down by the Commission, it shows that people are watching what’s going on, that they care, and are raising red flags. I bet if you put it up to a voters referendum, the vast majority of taxpayers would love to know what’s been done with their tax money – I for one!
    Thank you.

  5. My question is still what will happen after a forensic audit? NOTHING!! It will only allow everyone to say I told you so. The taxpayer will simply pick up the tab for another wild goose chase and the Controlling Commissioner (Hope this title passes the censor) will only thumb his nose at everyone and do is nanny, nanny boo, boo act. The mayor bless his heart is doing a good job at trying to do right, but like me he is in the minority.

  6. Surely, the State of Georgia (Gov Kemp) and the Federal government are aware of all the financial situations and crookness that has been occurring here in the Augusta.
    They should be investigating and paying for an Audit.

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