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Column: Ambulance service bids take twists and turns



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

After 15 months of contract negotiations with Gold Cross EMS, if you could call them negotiations, half the Augusta Commission nixed the proposed contract and $...

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    • It amazes me how dirty Augusta is. We have had several successful people run for office only to be shown as bad for being successful. Don’t we want people who make good financial decisions in their life making good financial decisions for Augusta?

      • Until the the charter is updated, there can only be more of the same for this great city. Accountability is essential but who can the citizens expect this from? Richmond County doesn’t have a single leader with authority to hold everyone below them accountable. The checks and balances are flawed. Every department head that’s not politicaly shielded can be compromised. Everyone for themselves. 11 leaders with differing agendas and vision for one of the great, but declining municipalities in Georgia.

        The Mayor needs a vote and his own legal advisor. The city administrator needs to be answerable to the Mayor or at least be directly accountable to the Mayor’s office. All department heads should only receive specific directions from the City Administrator. Disciplinary matters should be the sole authority of the Administrator. Termination of Department heads should only come before the Commission at the Mayor’s requests.

        Let the bureaucracy function efficiently without the individual meddling that occurss on a daily basis and accountability is likely assured . In the end, the Commission is the final arbiter so let the government operate like a well-oiled machine and not like the old Yugo cars of the 80s.

  1. Disclaimer: I am not a resident of A/RC. I moved in 1986, before consolidation, which was the worst decision ever made by the voters of Richmond County. A/RC ‘Guvmint’ is the laughing stock of the State, but who cares as long as the clowns-in-charge keep getting elected, and re-elected, by the clowns who vote for them who did not study Civics in school, but know how to get ‘freebies’ from the clowns who are in charge. Sad commentary on what once was called ‘The Garden City.’

  2. they need to hire a research firm to research why research has proven that Gold Cross has not performed as well as research claims it has…and another firm to research why so many Augusta owned buildings are in such bad shape as well as a third research firm to research why grass cutting cannot be cut by existing personnel.

  3. Mr. Courson, perhaps it’s time for a barrage of phone calls, letters and emails to the state demanding someone investigate the department heads, former city administrator(s), former mayor and some commissioner’s. In particular the spending of CARES money, SPLOST money and demand a forensic audit of all departments. Nothing passes the smell test with regards to money spent in the city. The ongoing EMS boondoggle just points to the ineptitude of those in charge.

    • I wrote AG Chris Carr shortly after TAP broke the story on Hardie Davis, his illegally issued P-Card, and his failure to produce receipts for his purchases and requested he investigate. No response or actions that were made public.

  4. It’s an absolute shame we pay such high tax dollars for the pure incompetence we have. It’s beyond time for a house cleaning in every aspect of this government. Again, for the 100th time, please show me something the 5 obstructionist commissioners have done positive for the city?
    We all know the answer. There are none to show

  5. Thank you for always keeping us educated and enlightened on what’s going on in our local Government. I’m highly disappointed with the new Commissioners dealing with the ambulance matter. We have deep corruption in our city government that needs to be delt with. Due to the incompetence of our local department heads and elected Officials, it looks like they are trying to spend twice as much money on EMS service on an ambulance service from out of town. Maybe if these current 5 Commissioners and a few from the past would have paid a fair subsidy for indigent care to Gold Cross they could have provided more ambulances in the community and they wouldn’t have had any delayed responses . So Sylvia you are correct ,this does fall on the feet of those Commissioners . And not only does the public suffer but the Fire and EMS personnel that responds to the public suffers from the Commissioners incompetence .

  6. This is pathetic. Can anyone tell me a single thing that the Augusta Richmond County Commission or Departments actually do WELL ? I’m having a hard time here. Finance cannot demand matching receipts from the old Mayor. Can’t cut grass. Can’t pick up garbage. Can’t approve an EMS contract. Can’t maintain ARC buildings and infrastructure. Can’t keep taxpayer money locked up securely. The list goes on. WAIT ! I found one — they CAN spend taxpayer money !

    Much as I think the World of Gold Cross, they were naive to trust ARC and agree to a MOU, instead of a contract. Without a contract, the shysters were able to reduce the subsidy, and they had no recourse. Particularly after the Zone Fight, they should’ve known better. If I see “Bag Man” without a name attached (if it is true, you cannot be sued), I am going to have a “Scanner Moment”– remember the movie.

    Bobby Bufoon — Sylvia, another “gem”, that you might want to copyright.

    Along the lines of Papa John’s Pizza, Better People – Better Government

      • Before Consolidation, and some would say afterwards, the ONLY thing that actually “works” is the Water Department. Prior to Consolidation, the only money-maker the City had was the Water Works. As a matter of fact, Mayor DeVaney used water revenues to keep the City afloat. He robbed Peter, to pay Paul. You are correct, the water is fine.

  7. The article makes it sound like the contractors who worked on The Diamond Lakes scoring tower are unknown. Is that possible? Were they paid for work that was not done? Who signed the inspection forms? Repairing plumbing cost over half a million dollars? And it does not work?

  8. The Augusta commission has always been corrupt with several bully pulpits. Unfortunately the corruption has been matched with stupidity. Does anyone wonder why Gold Cross performs for its other counties but Richmond County considers it so terrible. My guess is Gold Cross does not pay homage and hire the relatives of some parties. I grew up in Richmond County and think there is so much potential. But the word is out, Do not move or buy in Richmond County. Schools are failing, they will have to raise taxes as services are going to cost more as the contracts will be handed out to relatives and the cost of greasing the pockets of the bully Pulpit.

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