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Column: Another Runoff Election—How We Can Save Money and Still Give Voters Options



It’s that time of the year; another November election is over with no clear winner, and now we must add a runoff election to our already busy December calendars. To hold these additional elections, we must spend millions of dollars not in the budget, and citizens will have to make their way to the ...

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  1. I pulled this info from Google. Sounds good to me. Save the state and local govenrments a ton of money, and it’s still a fair election.
    Google, Oct 12, 2022: What states have rank choice voting?
    Maine and Alaska are the only two states that currently use RCV for statewide and federal general elections. In the 2020 election cycle, dozens of jurisdictions across the country used RCV in federal primaries, state and local primaries and general elections, and military and overseas voting. Oct 12, 2022

    • Ranked choice voting is a bad idea, because it allows the election of candidates who are not supported by a majority of the voters. And, it may not always be efficient. For example, right now, the U. S. Senate election Alaska is still undecided weeks after election day, because of the use of ranked choice voting in that state.

    • RCV is the reason the State of Alaska is going to have a Socialist Democrat AKA American Communist as their United States House Representative. Also that Establishment Republican Puke Senator Lisa Murkowski is going to cheat her way into another six years. RCV has deprived the vote of the State of Alaska in both the house and senate of their true votes.

  2. If I understand the proposed system, a Libertarian voter would have ranked Oliver first, and Walker or Warnock second. Had that voter ranked Walker second, his second choice vote would have gone to Walker when the Libertarian candidate came in third. The Libertarian voter could have opted out in the first election and not ranked a second candidate. Thus that voter is not being forced to vote for an alternate candidate, much like choosing to not vote in a runoff election. But if that voter would have voted in the runoff, the system would negate the need for a runoff and voters making a second trip to the polls.

  3. Goes to saw how uninformed Austin Rhoades is. The run off is not cause by any primaries. It is 3rd party candidates that receive part of the General Election vote.
    Why does the Augusta Press listen to Mr Rhoades for anyways? Please never put him on your payroll.

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