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Column: Augusta’s been through some dark times, but things may be looking up



When the lights go out in downtown Augusta, is it a precursor of things to come throughout the city?

Lights on Greene Street and lower Broad have been out since last summer, prompting appeals to the Augusta mayor and commissioners, a petition and citizens meeting, but they’re still in the dark.

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  1. We have got to find a way to remove Bobby Williams. I don’t understand how his band of naysayers can sit there and vote against something or anything for that matter that is for the good of Augusta. Apparently they can’t think for themselves. I believe in mayor Johnson and will back him on anything he wants to do for the betterment of Augusta. I feel right now other cities in Georgia laugh at our political situation. I think every chance we get we should show the general public how stupid and inmature Bobby Williams actions are when it comes to city government.

    And I ask again can we get a update on the Sammie Silas situation, is he still on the county payroll?

    • I’d like to take this time to thank Commissioner Bobby Williams for standing up for the Taxpayers of Augusta-Richmond County, by standing up to Gold Cross’s bag-man that was threatening Commissioners over this issue. Commissioner Williams Saved the taxpayers of Augusta-Richmond County $750,000. The citizens of Augusta-Richmond County need a FBI investigation of the bag-man/unofficial lobbyist for Political extortion.

      • I THINK you have been asked to “Name Names”, and yet you have not, as far as I can tell. Also, if the current “Band-Aid” had not been devised, Commissioner Bobby Williams abstain, was getting ready to vacate Emergency Medical Services for ARC, until the State could fabricate a solution. Well, there is one RCFD ambulance that is operational, from what I heard last Tuesday. Bobby Williams was also one of the “cheerleaders” that approved the $7M contract to bail out an ineffective Department Director. Let’s not go there.

  2. The Bully should have been gone..there are some backroom shenanigans going on. It’s past time for some investigative authority to look behind the curtains and see who is pulling who’s strings..also? Where is the ethics investigation at on Mr. I lost my receipts stolen valor man?

  3. Bully Williams has ALL the makings of a person who has done SOMETHING…I don’t know what…but I feel he’s done SOMETHING wrong in his political career. One day it’ll come out. He’s just way too headstrong in the way he acts and deals with people who don’t go right along with him. And, the classic trait of all those political no-gooders is he THINKS he is so much smarter than everyone else.
    Bill Fennoy…Ed McIntyre…Sammy Sias…Charles Walker…I’m sure y’all can add more names.
    I think the reporters of the Augusta Press should turn over some more rocks with Bully’s name on it if they want to find something.

  4. This bickering among commissioners has got to stop. They are elected by one District to represent their District as part of a City/county Government. They should first and foremost always advocate for the greater good of the city/county as a whole while secondly taken there constituents needs to the city/county. This should be understood by all government officials. I have hope Garnett Johnson as new Mayor can lead this body.

    • It was ‘Drag Snacks’ not Race snacks and it was one thing that Marion Williams was right about. Back in those days, the drag strip across the river was struggling and it would have been a good time to invest in one in A/RC. Everyone always wants to draw tourists to visit but they need some reason to visit other than the first full week of April. It would be interesting to know if Augusta International Speedway had hung on until the T.V. money came to the sport in the late 1970’s of Augusta would be known for more than just golf.

  5. As I have stated before in this publication, when the “cast of characters” is listed about the meddlers of the Gold Cross replacement RCFD ambulances, you constantly keep forgetting Commissioner Bobby Williams. He is/was part of the protesters/problem. And he is STILL around. While there is thankfully a “month to month” agreement now in force, please realize that this is simply a band-aid, not a solution. And lastly, I am also one of the shocked that have read the truly correct response/opinion of former Commissioner Marion Williams. Who Knew ?? Yes, between the new Marion Williams, and the new Mayor Garnett Johnson, there is true hope that Augusta Richmond County might just turn around…

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