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Column: Augusta’s week of shootouts, basketball and marijuana talk



What a wild and tumultuous past week Augusta had —everything from a shootout that left two people dead and 12 arrested on murder charges to an Augusta fire department lieutenant running over one of the dead bodies and dragging the body for approximately 51 feet.

With this being as what is regard...

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  1. A quarter of a million dollars for a basketball team, while the Augusta Rowing Club gets the finger from the Commission and no answers after months since the City let the facility where they were housed fall apart due to lack of maintenance and negligence by Parks and Recreation!

  2. Good reporting John.

    #1 REF: The situation that occurred on Sand Bar Ferry Road was not a mass shooting. It was more like gunfire at the OK Corral. Gang shootout and the Augusta fire department lieutenant running over a dead body. Keep them all locked up and convict. Investigate the Augusta fire department lieutenant, sounds fishy especially since he had done this before.

    #2 REF: The Augusta Commission Finance Committee choose to fund a basketball team with a $250,000 gift from the pockets of the city taxpayers. This past Tuesday, May 16, this agenda item was not pulled for discussion. This allowed the motion to move forward without objection. Commissioner Jordon Johnson was not present in the chambers, but he did call in and vote over the telephone. I guess Commissioner Johnson felt the need to reach out and touch someone. The someone(s) he touched were the taxpayers for a quarter of a million dollars for a gift to support the team. THIS HAS HAPPENED SO MANY TIMES, one meeting is brought up, then moved to discuss, then it just appears with many other items as a number/group and passes. $250,000 is a lot of money for taxpayers to pay when we have more important things in our city that need to be repaired and fixed.

    #3. REF: Medical Cannabis Dispensary, actually he further discussed many Medical Cannabis Dispensaries he wants to put in Augusta. Everyone needs to read John’s story carefully. It was decided for this item to go back to the commission to be discussed. Let’s not have it slip through like many items do (brought before commission, discussed, passed as an item in a group). Augusta does not need medical cannabis dispensaries. Go to California, the pot capital of the world, and look at what has happened.

    In conclusion, Best wishes to Mayor Deke Copenhaver for a speedy recovery and a return to good health.

    • My understanding that a Medical Cannabis Dispensary can only dispense cannabis with a Doctor’s prescription for cannabis oil – not street weed. The State has authorize the growing of cannabis for medical needs only – not a ‘Pot Shop’. This type of business will have to be licensed by the State.

  3. I am starting a basketball team, how do I get $250k? These are the same ones that claim an audit can’t be done because it’s too expensive, then randomly give away that amount of money. Guess it pays to know the right people

  4. The only people who will be helped by a cannabis dispensary in Augusta will be Mr. Bradshaw, chief operating officer for Botanical Sciences, the Paine College officials and county commissioners who receive the kickbacks, and the gang members who rob the dispensary for the products and cash. And if they sell it to be smoked, it will increase the cardio-pulmonary disease and cancer victims in the area. Nothing better than getting rich off someone else’s illness, addiction, or vulnerability.

  5. So the owner of this team works for Richmond County ? Off the Georgia Soul website:
    Team Market Owner
    Ernesia DeAnna (Wideman) Wright, a widely recognized sports entrepreneur and motivational speaker, was born in Augusta, Georgia, and she serves as the Deputy Director of Operations for the City of Augusta’s Parks and Recreation Department. In addition, she recently retired from the United States Army as a Major and Human Resources Officer.

    • Gifting an ARC employee $250,o00 to start her own basketball team sounds wrong on so many levels, I don’t know where to begin, but some commissioners must believe it is legal, ethical, and good stewardship of our money. Interestingly, the ARC website for policies and procedures does not open on my computer. Other links on that page do work. Another example of government transparency?

  6. If these commissioners handle their own money the way they spend our taxpayers’ money, then they would all go bankrupt.
    We don’t seem to have the money to do the things that need to be done, but they continue to spend like there is no bottom to the county’s money. Have they forgotten that we will be paying the IRS millions of dollars due to someone’s incompetence? Mayor Copenhaver, you and your family are in my prayers.

  7. Another senseless waste of taxpayers dollars. We need to change the name of the basketball team to Augusta Taxpayers Scam. And we wonder why hard working taxpayers are fleeing Richmond County or trying to find a way to start their own charter and break away from the city.

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