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Column: Bill giving Augusta mayor a vote will likely fail



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

There’s good news, and there’s bad news in Augusta.

The good news is that a bill was introduced in the Georgia Senate calling for a referendum on giving the ...

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  1. Are us white folks allowed to say ‘racism’, or is that word reserved only for black folks? Folks this non-sense is getting out of control. ‘divided we fall’, It is happening whether you agree or not. Better wake up and do something before it’s too late!!

  2. Giving yard equipment to folks who will not maintain their property is the most asinine thing I have ever heard of. Stand by folks, if you need a lawnmower for cheap, it will soon be available, compliments of the Augusta Clown Commission, Taxpayer money spent of lawn equipment, lawn equipment sold for pennies on the dollar, pennies on the dollar used to by more meth. It always falls back to the taxpayer’s. “say it ain’t so.”

  3. I read , then I reread , then I read for a third time —- the portion of your column wherein four former Augusta Mayors are quoted . I was surprised by the lack of depth (and outright flippancy) in their responses . The readers would be better served if you gave them a day to formulate a thoughtful answer — instead of simply seeking a cute “sound bite” .
    Augusta continues to decline down a dark hole of financial mismanagement. This matters most to the overburdened taxpayers , but it SHOULD matter to the residents and voters who drive on the roads that are reminiscent of wooden roller coasters.
    Augusta’s government should set the example for smooth roads , beautiful sidewalks , etc. and hopefully it’s residents will follow its example . Sadly many of Augusta’s residents are following Augusta’s government’s example for poor maintenance.

  4. Welcome to Augusta, the Detroit of the South. The exodus of money, good jobs, homeowners, businesses, and people will continue. The remaining residents will be those oblivious to, or supportive of, the decay and corruption occurring around them. Crime and taxes will continually increase. Schools will be ineffective and out of control. No wonder the Masters is buying West Augusta as a buffer zone around their pristine and peaceful golf course.

  5. Can we get some clarification on the process for the charter change and who votes on it? I thought the proposed bill goes before the state legislature first (not the Commission), and then if it passes to the people of Richmond County, not the Commission. Does the Commission have to approve the change or not?

  6. Sylvia Cooper, outstanding sata. As you know I led a delegation of Howard University graduate students to the United States Justice Department to opposed Consolidation in 1988. As a Richmond County Commissioner I’ supported Consolidation in 1995. Mayor Charles Devaney was a strong Mayor that bankrupt the City of Augusta. Can you imagine Hardie Davis Jr. As a strong Mayor. I don’t think the Citizen and voters of Augusta Richmond County should ever give the Mayor more power. I can support giving the position more power to a future mayor of Augusta Richmond County perhaps 3032. As long as this is about giving more power to a Mayor because he’s black or, white Democrat or, Republican it’s going to be difficult! The issues that Augusta Richmond County Citizens are concerned about is crime, sustainable development, and the egregious stormwater fee! In the state constitution the power of government is in the hands of the voters and voters can recall any elected official with a 30%.

  7. Pass an ordinance or rule, that if a commissioner abstains from a vote, or walks out of the meeting prior to voting, that they will be fined a hefty fine. After all, some of them seem to be in the position for the financial reward(s) that are offered to them. They were elected to do a job, if they can’t/won’t vote on any particular item, then they should not be paid for NOT doing their job.

  8. I agree the Mayor should have a vote. He was elected to lead the city, not just be a spokesman. The sooner that’s done, the better.
    The program loaning the yard equipment is, for the 100th time, the most stupid idea ever sent out to the public. The properties are overgrown because those people do not care. Those same people won’t care for the equipment.
    How much more will the maintenance cost? I suggest every time a machine fails due to negligence, it gets parked in Ms Delaneys front yard and she can fix it.

    • Well, to be fair, the people receiving the yard equipment can sell them to buy food or drugs so it will be a good cause. Maybe the city can provide this equipment on a monthly basis. What’s the requirement for getting in on this sweet deal?

  9. Racism is a word I am sick and tired of hearing. For many decades it has been reverse discrimination against white people. By promoting someone based on their skin color is absolutely wrong. This is the reason our country is heading down the tube, the wrong people are in charge. These so called black Reverends are preaching racism and politics all the time.
    What Code enforcement? South Augusta is terrible and nothing is done. On my street there are two, mini junkyards. Cars parked on the street with For Sale signs on them and no tags. Cars parked up over curb in front of vacated houses. Yards not being cut.
    The problem when the government is in charge, nobody takes responsibility or cares whether the job gets done or not.

  10. The bill payers and the voters ain’t the same folk. The old Charter is a document conceived and fed by the distrust of the White politicians and White people in general. It now appears the Black community is as distrustful of the Black politicians as they were of the the the whites. I guess its like my Grandma always said, “Its all in how you were raised.”

  11. Sylvia, I hope you are DEAD WRONG about the referendum. If you are RIGHT, ARC is headed further DOWN into the sewer. Even with a successful LOCAL businessman Mayor, Garnett will not be able to stop “The Flush”. One shining light on the Legislative Letter, was Alvin Mason’s signature. He’s black, you know. I think he has seen the light. He has finally come to the realization that the way things are being run right now, is not working. I’m impressed. I wonder how long it will be before Bobby Buffoon and the others will stop calling Alvin for “play dates” ? I wonder when he will be stricken from the “Black Commissioner Group Text” ? I wonder when they will start calling him names, behind his back ? Commissioner Mason, do not let them get to you. Glad that you have finally seen the light. Augusta Richmond County CAN be saved, but the people that want survival, are going to have to jump into the fray, and get involved in the fight. And that is what it is — it is going to be a fight for survival of ARC. If you do not, the tax base will continue to erode, people will continue to leave, schools will continue to fail, and builders will continue to “suggest”, “you might want to think about the homes I’m building in Columbia or McDuffie County”. The choice is YOURS.

  12. THANK YOU SYLVIA for talking straight truth to those who are able to read and comprehend the sad future of Augusta if we do not rid ourselves of the Black & White divisions between the powerbrokers who are running us down! As addressed by a commentor above who compared us to Detroit, unfortunately not addressed is the long list of long time democrat ruled cities that have used this same divisiveness approach and are lawless failures. I am talking about Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Newark and St. Louis. The sad lessons are there for all to see. Once proud, economic enters, now going down the drain, with the largest victim groups being the minorities living in the inner city.

    Churches and politics are allegedly not to be mixed. Yet, our Black churches are strong leaders and supporters of the gang who brought us the current malaise we are experiencing here, Both Black & white are suffering and will continue to suffer under the current power gang. It is a WONDERFUL time for Black pastors to step up, listen to the voters, both Black & White, and support our new, elected by the people, mayor, a Black man, who seeks POSITIVE change, not the same old same!!!!.

    • Don’t most of the overgrown Lots belong to the Augusta Richmond County Land Bank? Diamond Lakes you may know I’m a retired Union Plumber/ pipefitter. I’ currently serve as chairman of the building and grounds committee for the membership of Plumbers Steamfitters Local Union 150 Augusta Georgia. As a consequences I’m in charge of approximately $4 million project at 12:55 telfest Street, and 13th Street Augusta. Plumbing, and HVAC for a 12,000 ft building for less than $850,000 did I mention we’re doing it with Union Labor right the first time!

      • I’m not opposed to Union Labor, as long as the cost is competitive. I worked with the same Union in two different States, while I was employed with Federal Paper Board. The Union here was easy to work with, but the same Union at the plant in NC, were buttholes to work with. Union or not, the issue at Diamond Lakes was a design problem, not a plumbing problem. By design, the piping replacement consists of a BUNCH of “Confined Space” work, and that is expensive.

  13. I encourage each person who is tired of these political games to send a letter to our current Legislators expressing exactly how we feel about the political games being played in Richmond County and the need for County voters to have their say. If you can’t attend meetings and vote, then you need to step down. I am currently in the process of finding names and addresses. Although I know this will never happen, I would love to see the whole county vote on commissioners like we do the mayor instead of only being able to vote for our District commissioner.

  14. The biggest problem with giving the mayor a vote is you will have to live with it..just like county taxpayers have had to live with the horrific consolidation that basically robbed them of their coffers and sent their money to the downtown clowns that couldn’t balance a checkbook or hire a qualified department head if their life depended on it. Garnett Johnson might be the best mayor you will have for years but remember with great power comes great responsibility. You could have another Hardie after Garnett and the bully commissioners will screw the taxpayers over every chance they get. They have done it recently without the mayor having a vote. Imagine what would happen if you got another clown like Hardie..

  15. For all of those opposed to giving the Mayor a vote, I do understand where you’re coming from. But don’t you think we have got to try something different? We have finally got a Mayor that wants the best for the citizens of Richmond County and not their self. This is an ideal time for this to happen. Of course I wouldn’t be saying this if someone like Hardie Davis was in charge. Let’s hope the minority community will see what someone like Mayor Johnson can do and they will never elect another Davis again.

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