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Column: Boathouse is going unloved



Although it's almost Valentine's Day, where is the love? Certainly not within the Augusta Commission Chambers.

You know the place. It's where they do " The People's Business."

The true tagline should be: " Where we give the people the business."

 Last week was indeed a laundry list of...

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  1. And Pendleton King Park, the 64 acre bird sanctuary in midtown Augusta, with a documented 15,660 vehicles entering each month, needs TLC.
    One of the 6 gardens within the Park was planted by Pendleton King before he went to WWI over 100 years ago. It’s an Augusta jewel. It’s our opportunity for the Garden City to have a public garden.

    • So true? I ask over and over, “Where is the plan??”, while City properties and facilities, that we pay taxes to have maintain, continue to fall into disrepair to the point they almost can’t be saved!

  2. Well said, Mr. Clarke.
    It makes me so sad and angry to see how the boathouse has been allowed to degrade through lack of maintenance for YEARS! I remember how great it was in the 90’s when the rowing events for the Olympics were held here – truly a shining moment for Augusta.
    Now, our local rowing club can’t even get their gear out of there to have a simple meet, because the pipes were allowed to freeze in one of the recent cold snaps.
    I ask over & over again – where is the basic MAINTENANCE that we pay for?! Where is Parks & Rec. sense of responsibility and accountability??

  3. So to sell the boathouse has to go through a bid process? A strip mall on Laney Walker gets slipped to the land bank and sold off for under market value with no procurement/bid process? All the while the boathouse and other facilities in the county are still left unattended.

  4. The Boathouse needs to be sold to private investors. We can’t sit on properties that aren’t being maintained. I remember being in the meeting with former Commissioner Clarke when a few didn’t want to accept the offer of $1M.

  5. The “Diamond in the Rough” turned out to be a Lump of Coal. (This reminds me of a sitiation years ago at the airport when a company wanted to come in and provide a flight training service. As I recall, the city turned them down. Not sure what the reason was but that’s Augusta for you. They will always be backwards in their thinking. That’s why it’s so great living in this town.)

  6. The city needs to cut the Parks/Rec director loose. Nothing is taken care of or maintained within the city; which has been SOP for some time. The excuse of COVID is long gone and much overused. You are correct about the boathouse, add Olmstead stadium to the growing list of non- maintained properties; Diamond Lakes is a an absolute shame. This will just continue under the current watch. Litigation will increase due to poorly maintained sidewalks, curbing and bench’s around the city. Nothing was ever done regarding the trees cut at the commons after the director was specifically told not to cut. There is zero responsibility or consequence’s for those in charge.
    The parking pits are never cleaned, the build up of trash, weeds and grass around the drains is disgusting. When it rains the stench is that of raw sewage. Litter is everywhere and NO ONE CARES, least of all the man in charge.

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