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Column: Carter’s biggest folly was the Department of Education



Most people agree that former President Jimmy Carter is one of the nicest, humblest men on the planet, but many others believe his was one of the most disastrous presidential administrations in U.S. history, ranking right up there with James Buchanan. 

Carter’s biggest folly was the creatio...

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  1. Am I wrong in thinking 99% of the budget for the Richmond County School System come from State and County Government only 1% from Federal Government. Richmond County have a E- SPLOST for Capital Improvements perhaps it’s time for term limits for School Board trustees?

  2. More like this please = why are the majority of students in the RCSS performing so poorly? … what is the commonality of this problem ? what can be done? Please ask some RC Board trustees what is the problem and what can be done to help?

  3. Didn’t Carter create the other DOE, Department of Energy?…another boon-doogle, as we witness a never-completed MOX @ SRP, $billions spent-no return on investment.
    Whether Departments of Education or Energy, what a cost assumed, little results in return and no end in sight.

  4. The Education system started the slide downhill when disipline was removed from the schools and the Students started to run the schools. Teachers have almost no control over the Students and the Students know from an early age that the Teachers can’t really do anything to them. Years ago I was working in IT at many of the local schools and a Teacher said the only think they could threaten the Students with was “slient lunch” which would have been a blessing.

  5. What’s also not discussed when it comes to education is the DOE’s constant addition of metrics and tests. Did you know in RC that school ended a few weeks ago and the last month of school is nothing but testing? Teachers are stressed out because every year some other software or program is added to their duties and nothing is removed. EVERYTHING is about checking political boxes.

  6. Great article Scott. It’s true, kids today are not getting an education, they are being indoctrinated into a make believe world. It’s past time for conservative states to break away from the Woke Federal Government. Will we ever get a Republican President that will lead the charge? Someone that will go all out and make the necessary changes to get the country we are losing, back on track. The worst presidents in my lifetime were Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, but now I have to say he wound up not being too bad because he didn’t have a majority in the House and Senate, George Bush, and Obama, till Biden came along, God help us.

  7. One of my annual requests to our federal congressional representatives is to abolish the US DOEd. Its negative impact on education quality and the quality of life for students who suffered under it are evident everyday in fast food and retail stores, and in crime statistics. Affirmative action and student loans only benefited universities and tenured academics by feeding millions of illiterate high school graduates into diploma mills with meaningless achievement criteria. The Obama/Biden cabal surpass Carter’s seemingly benign ineptness by actively trying to destroy The Constitution and the USA, while getting rich at the taxpayers’ expense.

  8. Great column Scott. I remember learning Civics/Social Studies in 5th grade and we always had 6 weeks of Georgia History. In 4th Grade we learned to count change back from a dollar which I am betting the majority of high school graduates today cannot do. I will always be thankful I had a great public school education in the 60s.

  9. Great article Scott. I learned a lot. I would argue the worst President of my lifetime was Lyndon Johnson. His Great Society has done more harm to the fabric that held this country together than anything since. Out of wedlock births have skyrocketed, fatherless households have exploded and government dependency is out of control. In today’s America, women who bear children without marrying their father are better off financially, in most cases, than entering into a marriage covenant. I would argue the violent crime rates our society is experiencing today can be traced back to his misguided policies. I fear these policies and Carter’s will never be reversed by either party, they’ve become a part of our American way of life.

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