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Column: Central EMS is crunching numbers to see what is needed to make 10 percent profit



While Augusta’s new ambulance service, Central EMS, is crunching numbers to see how much money the city will have to subsidize them for transporting its indigent and deadbeat patients and still make a 10 percent profit, some commissioners are getting antsy to see the final tab.

Commissioner Wayn...

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  1. Maybe TAP would get access to the application Central made to the state to compete for the Augusta zone. Certainly it has representations in it that reflect Central’s business plan without the subsidy that ARC is in no way by law required to pay. Or, was Central granted the zone based on getting a subsidy? This guaranteed profit is a red herring. What did Central tell the state it would do without a subsidy? Inquiring minds want to know, because they well remember the C4 partnership with the City.

  2. I predict Central will bid a reasonable first year price then once entrenched slam A RC for huge fees the following years. I suspect secret meetings are being held at the S&S cafeteria with several bully commissioners to make that happen. Oh and look to see whose children are hired by Central….hummm.

  3. Thank you, Mayor Johnson for leading the community-wide cleanup!
    Shame on those who trash our community by throwing garbage out the windows onto parks and roadways.
    Citizens must take pride in our City, if they want to see change!
    Looking forward to more community initiatives to get back our “Garden City”!

  4. I hope Gold Cross does stay in Augusta and competes with the ARC-Central monopoly. My cell phone can speed dial a local 706 phone number as fast as 911. Gold Cross’ call response and dispatch response will likely be faster than anything associated with ARC government. How can an ARC procurement, that started out with competitive bidding, end up granting an indefinite quantity, indefinite price contract to a supplier? The few honest intelligent commissioners should be making motions to petition the state to rescind the zone provider decision and start the procurement process again, following the rules this time. The people who pushed this mess to the current point are incompetent, self-serving, corrupt, stupid, evil, or combinations thereof. They need to be fired or voted out of office for ARC to move forward.

  5. Things needing immediate addressing:
    1. Why Douse and Brown failed to carry out the directive? Are they going to be reprimanded, are there any consequences for failing to do their job?
    2. Why Dunlap has included a quote for software and equipment, under who’s authority?
    3. Why Brown has hired an Atlanta law firm to handle the IRS fines? What does the city pay him for and who has given him authority to hire outside council?
    4. Why the heads for Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology, who knew about the IRS issues five years ago, but did not disclosed it to the commission still are employed? Appears incompetence is rewarded, which in SOP for Augusta these days.
    5. Why a forensic audit has not been initiated at this point?

  6. Go Catherine !! This installment was full of little nuggets. I did not know that we had an annual audit ! How could a real financial auditor not bring up the fact that ARC does not have a receipt-matching policy in place, which would’ve fixed the former Mayor’s crap, about not having receipts. Taxpayers should DEMAND their money back. This also apparently proves that even the audit firm does not follow GAAP. Central’s hiring of Steven Vincent could be a mixed bag for them. I am in agreement that there should be NOTHING done for Central, that ARC was not willing to do for Gold Cross. As was stated, the relationship between ARC and Gold Cross soured when Chief James came to town. He was a (rhymes with “trick”). Probably still is. ARC — PLAY FAIR !! As far as the IRS fine is concerned, Information Technology is not a blaming party here — Human Resources and Finance are their customers, and they have to follow their customer’s marching orders. Great column as usual…from Bradenton, FL Spring Training Baseball — Go Braves !!

  7. I am still waiting on a determination of whether Hardie Davis, the commissioners, administrator, and their minions complied with GA law and Augusta’s procedure for issuing, using, and returning his P-Card. https://www.augustaga.gov/DocumentCenter/View/14766/REV-2021-CREDIT-AND-PCARD-PURCHASING-POLICY It would be worth a FOIA request to see all procedure generated documents pertinent to Hardie Davis – his signed card acceptance agreement, training records, and his return of the card form. It still galls me that he left office after abusing it for 8 years and has not been required to prove he did not break the law and public trust. I am surprised the IRS is not investigating him. At least Mayor Johnson provides some hope for the future.

  8. A guaranteed 10% profit? Most companies would be thrilled with a 5 to 7% profit margin. Seriously! And why is Augusta Richmond County hiring private lawyers (at huge fees) to represent the city / Commission? Is it because they need someone to deal with the myriad of lawsuits their incompetent leadership and mis-management has brough down on us?

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