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Michael Meyers: Congratulations to the Augusta Press for its Georgia Press Association awards



Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of the Augusta Press or its staff.

Let’s kick this week off by congratulating all of the people who make The Augusta Press #Awesome.

Some of us were able to attend the awards banquet hosted by the Georgia Press Assoc...

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  1. They have let that property sit there for 25 years…if they wanted to invest they would have done it years ago. This is nothing more than a backroom deal that would wind up costing the taxpayers not Cardinale. Don’t vote for Kendrick unless you are for more wasteful Hardie Davis type spending and no transparency and accountability!!

  2. MICHAEL…. Kendrick is nothing more than another SHOW HORSE … and you are his lackey….it is clear that Kendrick is following the Cardinale deep pockets back scratching strategy of Hardie Davis (are we still paying Hardie?) Everything Kendrick does is “timely” to his political/financial benefit. Please write an op piece about the pros and cons of each candidate. To my knowledge Johnson has never held an elected office and I like that trait.

  3. Your bias is glaring as usual. 1. In pointing out Kemp’s actions you could have mentioned Abrams claims to have paid off 68K medical debts for Georgians. If each was $1,000.00 that’s $68,000.00. She claims in her literature to have given $1000.00 each to 100K families in Georgia. That is one billion dollars as in $1,000,000,000.00! Where did all that money come from? I checked, she is not related to Bezos, Gates, or Zuckerberg but she might be kissing cousins to Soros.
    2. Kendrick claims no public money but he mentions bonds. The taxpayer pays to service those bonds. When it comes to Kendrick you should remember this old maxim; praise given too often is only cheapened.
    3. You keep trying not to get ahead of yourself but you got so far ahead of yourself on all the shenannagins surrounding Judge Watkins and the courts that you jumped right over it. How about “The Rest of The Story”?

  4. Thank you Michael Myers for your positive daily input on the local dealings of the CSRA. Politics will always be messy and contriversial. Put 3 people in a room and you will have trouble getting a concensus. We should always be repesctfull of others beliefs. Even if they are stupid and wrong. (In our own opinion). Congratualations to Augusta Press for the impressive awards. I enjoy reading your collumns and the positive discource. I love the mule story. Somewhere along the political way we lost honesty and respect. Without open and honest discourse we are doomed to wallow in the mud of self centerd existence. Keep up the good work. Just maybe you were a big part of the awards. I think America is crying out for civilty in our news and some positive thoughts. We only talk about the negatives and the losses. Why can’t we celibrate the wins and the positive?

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