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Sylvia Cooper: Deceptions, taxes, curses and snakes in the grass make for quite a week



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column of those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

So once again, Augusta mayoral candidate Steven Kendrick has been caught in a – I would say “lie” – but I will be less harsh and say “deception for the sake of c...

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  1. Dang….I swear, Bobby Williams sounds like a jerk. To act that way to a little, retired school teacher is awful. From the sound of it, he was practically looking for an argument at that event. He definitely owes that lady an apology, but I’m sure he won’t give her one.
    Sure hope his constituents are paying attention to the irrational hot head they’ve got representing them.

  2. 1. Bobby Williams is simply a spoiled, short-tempered thug.
    2. My mom was a pediatrician when I was growing up. All the local doctors had a system to cover eCh others patients for weekends, they simply rotated coverage and Noone couldn’t find a doctor. Maybe that is too complicated for Augusta.

  3. Wayne Guilfoyle must be taking public speaking and government financial math lessons from Steve Kendrick. He stated that a SPLOST increase is, “…not an impact directly on each citizen.” If you cannot impress them with intelligence, befuddle them with lots of words. His comments ensured my vote for john Clarke.

    Bobby Williams should be tested for drugs and anabolic steroid abuse and sent to mandatory anger management treatment. I hope he does not bypass the x-ray scanner and metal detector when he enters the Marble Palace and the court house.

  4. I’m a frequent critic of “the culture of violence” where way too many think that violence is the way to fix a dispute with someone. However, I will make an exception and say someone needs to chop Bobby WIlliams down to the ground and teach a lesson this hostile little bully.

  5. I was at the Commission meeting last Tuesday, and got to witness the Bobby Williams tirade. The REAL reason that the project had to be re-bid, was due to the INACTION of the Commissioners, and they allowed the bid to expire. Commissioner Williams should be censured by the Commissioners, for his actions at the church. Maybe a censure would wake him up, and REMIND him that he is supposed to be an adult. That action was disrespectful to a senior adult. There was a witness, so he cannot deny it did not happen.

  6. Bobby Williams is a story in his own right but in this comment i am concerned about the lack of emergency care providers in our community. i was informed of this in the spring and when asked for an answer, was not given one. It doesnt make sense for those who went to school to treat animals, to behave so inconsistently. Its not a comforting thought or situation

    • I feel yours and Sylvia’s pain. We had the same problem last year with our senior dog. St. Francis only does surgeries now. The old emergency Vet hospital was great — trying to remember the name. They were bought out by Blue Pearl. Things kind of went downhill from there. Chipper was acting very funny one night, and we drove to the old place, only to find it closed, and referred to the new owners, Blue Pearl. Drove there, but was told that they were not taking anyone that night, in the parking lot. Took him to our Vet the next morning, but was bothered. When Chipper reached end of life one evening, our Vet was closed, and Blue Pearl said to bring him in. We put him to sleep that night. Blue Pearl was awesome, that night. They even sent a sympathy card. They told us last June, that they were struggling to find full-time Vets and staff. It is sad.

  7. There is already a hotel/motel tax in effect. The original reason for the tax was to pay off the bonds issued to build the Civic Center. When the bonds were paid off the tax remained in effect, but the money was diverted to Laney-Walker redevelopment. I’m actually in favor of redevelopment, but if Augusta wants a new arena, then use the tax in place to build it with.

  8. Sylvia, Wilkes County Veterinary Services in Washinton, GA (www.wilkescountyvet.com) has an emergency vet on call most of the time. My daughter’s kitten ate part of a corn cob, got blocked late on a Friday afternoon, and we needed to find a surgeon. Dr. Jimmy Wilkes, (who is Gary Wilkes brother) recommended that we contact Wilkes County and said he knew some of the staff there. They successfully operated late Friday night,, including neutering him since it was time, kept him overnight, and she picked him up on Saturday. The bill was VERY reasonable and my daughter was very pleased with the whole staff and the care he received. He is fine now – still trying to chew on corn cobs, but they are no longer within reach – the trash cans are now under a cabinet, behind a locked door.

  9. Inflation is already at nearly 9% year over year and now a commission candidate wants to raise the sales tax to 9%? I believe voters have made it clear on several occasions that they don’t want their taxes raised to build a new James Brown arena. How can these politicians be this tone deaf?

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