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Column: Disagreeing doesn’t mean being disagreeable



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

Let’s get this week started by thanking the readers for comments on last week’s column.

I especially appreciate my friend Carlos who took it further by ...

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  1. Go away MM. You are a Socialist Democrat AKA American Communist that’s goal is the destruction of the Constitutional Federal Republic.
    NOTE TO EDTOR: Stop printing leftist lies and donkey crap. MM’s opinions are worthless.

  2. Mr. Meyers: I enjoy your columns and hope that you continue to speak up. When it comes to politics, I will remain a “agree to disagree” guy. Good luck and please continue to share your insights. I think that every news outlet in America would offer more to their readers if they had a Point/Counterpoint column every week. And NO, I do not think your words are worthless.

  3. I agree about the name calling. No reason for that. Disagree with your comments about Herschel, especially after what happened in Pennsylvania U.S. Senate. Obviously it is not about the person anymore. It is about how that person will vote. We saw how Raphael votes. I know we are not allowed to question elections, but it would be nice if a brave journalist would investigate how Warnock received 130,000 more vote than Stacy, the democrat’s darling. So 130,000 Georgians voted for Kemp and then casted for Warnock? Something to think about.

    • That is why Trump lost GA last time. There are people who cannot stand him, even conservatives. Although I don’t understand it, they went with Biden over loose cannon Trump. They wanted Kemp, and then voted Warnock. Trump will be a disaster for the Republican party now that he’s running. And I say that with a heavy heart as a staunch conservative.

      • Oh yeah. I totally agree! Trump really destroyed the country while he was in office! Energy independence??? Why??? When we can just print money and buy oil from other countries! Let THEM pollute the atmosphere and their environment! We don’t need a businessman in office, we need a Politican!

    • Plenty of reporting already done about ticket splitting. The issues that are tackled locally and statewide vary tremendously from the issues tackled at the national level. As such, it is perfectly logical to vote for one party in a state race like the governor’s race and a different party in a race for a position where you are creating law for the entire nation like the US Senate.

  4. You are correct Mr. Meyers, the art of civil discourse has been absent for many years. I am not sure when we became a nation of “my way or the highway” but it would seem that all issues are now either black or white, there is no grey, no chance that the other person may have a valid point. Have we forgotten that people and issues are complex and dimensional? Supporting the RIGHT to abortion does not equal being an ADVOCATE for killing babies – to use a common example – it is much more complex than that. And if people took the time to talk to each other civilly rather than yell and scream maybe there could be real change. You don’t have to forfeit your own views to appreciate or understand those of someone else.

    Thank you too for your support of Augusta University! Even now as a top research and medical university with an amazing athletic department we get overlooked but we are here, educating and supporting both the City of Augusta and the state of Georgia. https://www.augusta.edu/ie/facts/

  5. I agree with you, Mr. Myers and the comments above with regard to why Walker received less support than the other Republicans. Why does this outcome lead to the assumption from Mr Broderick that something is amiss in the election, here or in Pennsylvania. It’s perfectly clear, the voters chose the candidate with better character and credentials.

  6. The reason Warnock got more votes is because of the total blind devotion to the Democratic Party’s love of abortion. (We absolutely need abortion. All the way up to time of birth!) Well, devotion and ignorance. And your references to hate filled words, well, that’s just it: words. It seems to me the only hateful actions we hear about are Dems committing the actions against Republicans. Here’s a few: 1) Steve Scalise, while playing baseball, shot by a peace-loving Dem 2) That dead young man in North Dakota run down by a peace-loving Dem. 3) The peace-loving Dem who drove a van thru a Repub tent in Florida. You gotta love those peace-lovin Dems!

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