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Column: In with the new mayor and commission, out with the old . . . maybe



January is the namesake of the Roman god of gates and doors, Janus, who has two heads facing opposite directions: one looking back, the other looking forward.


Janus was guarding the political gate New Year’s Eve when the old year and outgoing Augusta mayor and commissioners we...

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  1. Thank you, Sylvia, for the on the spot summation of the first Commission Meeting for the new Mayor Johnson and the “new” Commission.
    Let’s hold them accountable to make sure that the Davis fiasco never happens again, as our City infrastructure continues to crumble around us, among other chronic problems that have gone unaddressed as the former mayor and commission turned a blind eye.
    Seems there is no end to the gall and arrogance of Davis, and his continued grab into taxpayers pockets.
    Let’s not let anyone forget this mayor’s failure as a public servant and an embarrassment to our City. Let’s make sure this man never serves in office again – in Georgia or anywhere!
    Onward and upward, Augusta, Georgia!

  2. Joe Biden taught Davis the old Executive Order trick during one of Davis’ trips to DC. When you look up the words self-serving, narcissistic, condescending, hypocritical, and corrupt in a dictionary, guess whose picture is next to the definitions.

    • Mr. Shaw, you echo many commenters who see our former mayor as a joke. Citizens in neighboring counties say the same, not just about the former mayor, but the entire city government. But Augusta is no joke. It is a city on a collision path with disaster. The first and only trip our new mayor and commissioners should take? Jackson, Mississippi to see where we are headed. Mayor Garnett Johnson excites me not only with his positive attitude but especially with his leadership accomplishments. Let’s hope he can lead in spite of the commission.

  3. Davis continues to prove he’s even lower than first perceived. He needs to be forcibly removed, executive order or not, he has been a drain on this city for far too long.
    As far as Mason’s “there’s a lot of work in this” as a justification for approval of the strip club ordinance, that’s the equivalent of “we must pass it to find out what’s in it.” The city spent millions against adult entertainment and now several seem to be encouraging it. The city had those type establishments almost out the door, then they drive a bulldozer through it and open it up wider

  4. Regarding the strip clubs: I’m reminded of the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” when George Bailey was running down Main Street after seeing what life would be like without him. The street was filled with bars and clubs and as close as they could get to strip clubs I imagine! The street was brimming with life! So perhaps we need to bring MORE strip clubs to Broad Street and dives, clubs, and bars to bring life back to Main Street. (only kidding)

  5. Eric Adams was made Mayor of New York City partially because people believed that he would be tough on crime, being a former cop. Now he attends fancy parties in fancy attire. Turns out he is not tough on crime after all, but he certainly loves all the trappings of the office of Mayor! I guess the power got to him. Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen to the new Mayor of Augusta.

  6. GOOS BYE HARDIE!!! GOOD RIDDANCE!! This guy is like a bad case of covid that will not go away! Time to collect on his credit card debts that have yet to be established, but we know are astronomical, much spent on his useless jaunts to foreign countries and cities. Clearly, no one can see any improvements from lessons learned other than new methods to screw the taxpayers! My admonitions to the new commissioners and our new mayor: Contract immediately for a top to bottom audit by an outside professional firm of the entire organization. We have watched stupidity, laziness and general poor performance accepted as OK, as the down town AND MANY AREAS DETERIORATE. Time to establish a starting point, as any new administration should do.
    I wish our new mayor and new commission good luck in the mission to improve our fair city and county!!!!

  7. Let Hardee pay his own way from now on!Since he is living with his mommy and daddy he has no rent to pay maybe he can buy his own vehicle since his city owned vehicle is history now!Get a real job Hardee and pay your own damn way on your first class plane flights and everything else that you have been charging to the taxpayers of Richmond County!You are all on your own now you arrogant freeloader!

  8. I will have to say a few commissioners that I once respected have let me down. Let’s hope they redeem themselves moving forward. I hope Mr. Johnson gets the stink off the office of the Mayor that the supposed holy man left all over it.

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