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Column: It is time to do something about illegal immigration



It is a problem that has plagued America for decades. People from all over the world seek to come to the United States, but some are entering through the unlocked back door instead of knocking politely on the front door.

On this issue, both political parties and their mainstream media minions ar...

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  1. Excellent editorial. There are always different approaches to dealing with immigration. The LEGAL manner is, of course, the preferred choice. As it stands now, the magnitude of this problem is overwhelming unless our federal agencies clamp down. Maybe then we can all support assimilation, as opposed to mass invasion. My wife is a volunteer at the Columbia County Library, teaching English skills to immigrants who all arrived in this country legally, and simply want to improve their communication skills. These folks are willing to play by the rules and EARN their citizenship.

  2. In 1926, my father legally immigrated to the US from Italy at the age of 11 to escape the Facists. His mother and younger brother accompanied him. His father legally immigrated years before to establish a home and income. None of the three spoke English. My father was sent to first grade to learn English, and when he could communicate effectively, he was sent to sixth grade. (no ESL classes) All three became naturalized citizens. He and his brother served in WWII, earned university degrees, survived the Depression, worked hard, and paid taxes until they retired. When people asked my father’s nationality, he always responded “American.” M father passed in 2016. Mercifully, he is not here to see the nation he loved and fought for being destroyed by politicians, their rejection of The Constitution and the rule of law, and illegal immigrants who never assimilate and come to love the USA.

  3. Look at what’s happening in New York. Illegals have taken over the high dollar hotels. I couldn’t afford to stay in them. Now Erick Adams the Mayor is letting them sleep on the floors at police stations, not the cells where they should be. The Democrats created these Sanctuary Cities, now they’re complaining about the migrants, what Hypocrites. Remember when Trump threatened the crooked president of Mexico with sanctions if he didn’t stop them at their southern border?, they were not allowed to enter, problem solved. Bottom line is that these people are coming here to get away from Socialism yet Biden and the rest of the Democrats want America to be Socialist, unbelievable.

  4. Scott thanks for this article. I am pleased that it didn’t contain the word “migrant”, since these people are refugees, not migrants. They have no intention of returning to where they came from. Birds migrate, caribou in Alaska migrate. These refugees don’t. You also used a word that is rarely used by the national news, illegal. Thanks again for a necessary article.

  5. Yes, well written article. How scary is it that there are 7 states that allow illegal aliens to VOTE in state and local elections?! That’s simply amazing! Actually, I’m surprised there aren’t more. How many more Liberal states are trying to make that happen? I’d like to know the source of that info on the 7 states.

  6. The president is doing something about it.
    Exactly what he said he would do about while running for election, laying it wide open.
    And unless they want to plead to being blind , deaf, & dumb every person who voted for Biden is happy with the President’s following thru on his open border promise.
    The current border is exactly what you get when you , ” ..BELIEVE IN FACTS RATHER THAN TRUTH !” ( President Biden)

  7. It is very clear to me that the current administration wants as many as will come illegally so they can get the votes in all States and the Democrats can continue to win. We need to realize that eventually, American citizens will no longer be the majority in this country. Trump had this situation under control, then why can’t Biden? I wonder if he even remembers what’s going on in this country.

  8. Scott, can you check how many other countries all illegal immigrants (refugees) to vote in their country? I can’t believe believe what is being allowed by our elected officials to happen at our border? Thanks for your editorial.

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