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Column: Legacies for outgoing Augusta commissioners, mayor considered



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

Tuesday was the last Augusta Commission meeting of 2022 unless they have a special called meeting before the end of the year to give away more money. After all,...

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  1. With a billion dollar budget you would think that there would be better emphasis on maintenance. These comments by our elected officials show lack of leadership and a disregard to their constituents’ concerns or needs. Community organizations have to trust the governmental organization to cooperate in solving the community’s issues. Apparently that trust does not exist. Hasan gloats how he kept Valor Station out of the Greene Meadows subdivision area. Valor Station is a fine example of a community organization trying to solve a community issue. Valor Station was planned to be an asset for our first responders, who are there to serve us, especially on our worst days. I would be ashamed if I had any part to block such a precious endeavor. The Hale Foundation is an upstanding pillar of our community, and if the commission can’t agree to support the efforts of this community organization, there is little hope that other community groups are going to cooperate with this inept local government.

  2. That “smart” Davis comment to a tax paying citizen about drag racing and “stepping up” was enough to make me nearly throw up my breakfast. Actually, I had thought that
    The name plaque on The Freedom Bridge to nowhere might do the trick. Some of the Augusta leadership can be Disgusting sometimes.
    Thanks Sylvia.

  3. The funding for the library is far past due. For years the ARC Public Library has gotten by on a diminishing budget. It does a miraculous job with the little it gets. The value of the library is poorly appreciated, but its quiet impact on literacy is substantial.

  4. Thank you, Sylvia, for telling it like it is/was!! What a depressing commentary about human egos and our departing “leaders” who have turned horse manure into gold through their “honest, diligent labor”. I would like to think that if all had been made good across the spectrum as a result of their labors, led by our never present outgoing mayor, a full audit of all departments to include the mayor’s large office contingent, would be welcome public proof of the great job the departees have done on behalf of we taxpayers!!!!!

  5. I agree with Randall Sutton. Hassan should hang his head in shame if he feels it’s an “accomplishment” to have been instrumental in preventing the former convent from becoming Valor Station. Valor Station would have been an asset to the nation, having a far reaching impact outside of our community. I would suggest the Hassan educate himself regarding the mission of the facility. Also he should spend some time familiarizing himself with the Hale Foundation and the Hale House, both of which are community assets. The foundation lobbied for Valor Station and the Hale House is an excellent example of their program and stewardship within our community. Were it not for the efforts of the Hale Foundation (no federal or state funding) those suffering from addiction would not have a place in which to seek help. The same would have been said for Valor Station and first responders. What a shame and nothing to be patting oneself on the back for.

    Lastly, Davis taking Mr. de’lAigle to task regarding community philanthropy made me choke. The money that Davis has wasted while in office could have more than paid for some of the concerns expressed. There is zero confidence in Davis, as it should be.

  6. Sylvia, thank you for your honest and informative information each week. My question is “are there no honest politicians in government?” I can answer my own question to say that “if there is, they are hard to find.” I pray that the new mayor and commissioners who were voted in are willing to stand up for we, the taxpayers. You have been put in office to handle the mess that these people going out have caused, so please don’t let us down. I can only thank God that we have term limits for these positions.

  7. Davis should be remembered as the worst Mayor Augusta has ever had..the most non transparent and the worst at flouting state law under his command. Talking to a tax paying citizen like that should have garnered an admonishment for a commissioner on that dais. He is so full of himself he thinks he can say and do whatever he wants..no on to Washington DC where he can really screw the taxpayers out of their money..and maybe even replace his current gf with someone else..preacher my butt..

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