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Column: Lots of highs and lows happening lately



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

The past several days were a bit volatile with their share of highs and lows. However, I was able to smile at the column by Ms. Sylvia where she passed out her ...

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  1. Actually the commissioners voted to break state law which is a violation of the oath of office they took. Now I don’t really care about the names of stuff but I do care about wasting taxpayer money to change things that will have zero affect on citizens daily life. This will wind up in court costing the taxpayers money that could be spent in meaningful ways. I’ve yet to get an explanation on why they went into executive session to discuss the bridge. Isn’t that a violation of the states sunshine laws? Oh that’s right Hardie doesn’t have to follow the laws he just pleads ignorance…

  2. The assumption that this group of Commissioners always “acts” with the good of the citizens is quite a stretch just based on past history and lawsuits already brought against various elected officials sitting on the dias.
    With regard to the Confederate monuments etc. Georgia has a law against the action the commissioners voted for as well as any votes to remove anything else Confederate in the near future. Unfortunately they have knowingly chosen to violate the current law as well as their Oath of Office to not violate any laws of the State of Georgia.
    There are many underserved citizens in the Augusta/Richmond County area that hard earned taxpayers dollars should focus on and removing monuments and names doesn’t advance those citizens lives at all.

  3. Please let me remind people that two Commissioners voted no to removing plaques off the 5th Street Bridge. I also said that it should not be up to the local government to make these decisions that rightfully need to be handled on a state level. I swore under oath and I made the right decision to vote no.

  4. We also voted and elected state legislators who passed a state law protecting our historical monuments. The last time I checked State law prevails over any local decisions. Apparently there is no limit to the amount of tax dollars the gang of 7 will spend on litigation to defend their illegal vote. This attempt to evade the law will end in a loss in court for the gang of 7 and a loss to the pocketbook of the hard working taxpayers of Augusta

  5. Paragraph 9 Georgia state constitution: Right to assembly and petition, The people have the right to assemble Peacefully for their common good and to apply by petition or remonstrance to those vested with the powers of government for redress of of grievances. There’s no ordinance Limiting a citizen’s right to Petition our government. If there were it would be unconstitutional. In my non lawyer opinion.

    • Mr Todd you may have the right to assemble and address grievances BUT you do not have the right to violate an existing law! If you don’t like the law then you petition your legislators to make a change and then it goes through a legal legislative action. At this moment GA Code 50-3-1 is the law. Each city and county are not given the right to change state laws “they” don’t like. Seven members of the Commission do NOT have the legal authority to change the statues or the law just because they want to. Catherine McKnight and John Clark were the only two willing to stand up and vote NO against the illegal actions of the other Commissioners.

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