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Column: Michael Meyers reviews election results



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

President George H.W. Bush said, “Public service is a noble calling, and we need men and women of character to believe in their communities, in their states, an...

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  1. Our Country is in a very terrible mess right now because of Warnock’s support of a Demented President being led around by Socialist and Communist. Following the lead of greedy get rich at the cost to everyone else types like Pelosi/Shumer and their groups. So yes, Walker is FAR, FAR, FAR better choice than Warnock, and he may be able to get America back on tract. Both men have hurt people physically, and emotionally but I pray both have corrected their ways.

  2. “I’ll just hold my nose and vote for him.” Well said and humorous, but true. Republicans simply want someone who will show up and vote for the conservative agenda. And yes, I’m one of those who will have to deal with the smell.

  3. HERSCHEL WALKER is an absolutely great human being and will be an outstanding Senator for the State of Georgia and the United States .
    HERSCHEL WALKER has made a central plank in his platform the need to ratchet down the divisive racial rhetoric that extremists have spewed in recent years . HERSCHEL WALKER offers the best chance that we in Georgia have to restore peace and harmony instead of racial division.
    HERSCHEL WALKER is a fiscal conservative.
    His economic advisers are fiscal conservatives , and his votes on future economic policies will help bring down the cost of heating fuel , gasoline , groceries and housing .
    Quite simply , HERSCHEL WALKER is the only person in this Senate race who will cast the correct votes to get the United States out of this economic spiral into which we are descending.

  4. The only thing Warnock is qualified to do is to support the horrendous agenda of a horrible president. Which is why this country is in the shape we are in. Your comments about needing a Black face to run against Warnock seems racist and self-serving to me.

    • If the Democractic party has declared your race a victim of Americas excesses, you can not be called a racist. White liberals who control the party will not call out racist rhetoric by their black supporters.

  5. MM you in no way represent all of Augusta Richmond County Consolidation with your Socialist Democrat AKA American Communist views.
    VC and the rest of the Richmond County School Board have been and will continue to be worthless.
    Warlocks Bible. What a joke. Warlock does not preach the Jesus I know. He is a American Communist. He has no business in the United States Senate or any government office. Let him stay in Atlanta and preach his racist hate. Not want Jesus would do.
    Republicans are not the solution to all the problems.
    Socialist Democrats AKA American Communist are the cause of all problems.
    Question for Augusta Press, why are you employing MM?

  6. Warnock is unfit to lead any congregation of people due to his stance on abortion. I love and appreciate my good friend Michael Meyers, but I vehemently disagree with his statement “Walker isn’t eligible to carry Warnock Bible.” Michael is entitled to his opinion, but I am very confident that MLK is turning over in his grave because a liberal abortion supporting senator is the pastor of the church was formally the head of. I normally try and stay out of the comments on here. But I couldn’t let this one pass.

    • Two questions for you.
      How can you me friends with a Socialist Democrat AKA American Communist like MM?
      Why are you paying him anything for his Constitutional Federal Republic destruction donkey crap?
      Please answer me that.

      • Roger Smith – you are the worst kind of American. The kind that thinks his answer is the only right answer. I am not a communist and you shouldn’t call names like that – how would you feel if someone called you names?

  7. Joe edge is exactly right and Meyers is exactly wrong. Many of the babies being aborted are black. So do black lives really matter to Meyers? By the way every life is important to the God who is the author of life.

  8. MM I used to think you were a reasonable Democrat, but now I know different. With your support of Warnock you have lost the credibility I once gave you. Warnock is a follower of Jeremiah Wright and Louis Faracon, Warnock said GD America just like they did, and you want someone leading this country like that? Sure Herschel is not a perfect speaker but he speaks from the heart and loves this country. Democrat Socialist like Warnock and the rest of the Biden administration hate America and they show it.

  9. Warnock used Herschel’s book and TV show disclosures against him while he has taken legal steps to hide his. His political behavior is typical Democrat. Attack an opponent’s character. We have seen this in every conservative Supreme Court Justice’s confirmation hearing. If you have nothing to tout about yourself, attack the the character of your opponent. The “smell” ain’t Herschel’s making, but the manure being loaded by Warnock and his band of hooligans.

  10. Jeremiah 1:5 – Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

    Interesting that Michael would denigrate Herschel Walker by saying he’s not worthy to carry Reverend Senator Warnock’s Bible, a false prophet who supports abortion up to the birth of the baby in spite of the abnormaly high rate of abortions by Afro American women. Could Warnock be setting aside Biblical absolutes to curry favor with the extremists abortion crowd?

  11. I am absolutely surprised TAP allows this ‘opinion’ to be published on line. This article will follow MM for the rest of (hopefully) short Columnist career. You have changed in the last 3 months from the original type of column you were writing. Someone must have gotten to you about some of the things you wrote earlier. Hopefully good riddance from TAP.

  12. Thanks to God and the men and women that have given their lives for the freedom of speech. Something that Meyers may lose with the way things are going with the administration that we have now and the candidates he’s endorsing.

  13. The late Dr. James H. Cone wrote a very influential book entitled, “God of the Oppressed” back in 1975. This book provided the foundation for Black Liberation Theology. It is one of the first books that AA ministers are asked to read in seminary. If you really want to understand how pastors like Warnock and his ilk believe the dichotomies that they do, read it and you will completely understand.

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