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Column: Richmond County Commission to consider relaxing strip club law



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

For those of you complaining about inflation, there soon might be employment opportunities in Augusta that will allow you to buy fewer clothes and more grocerie...

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  1. “We need to unwind consolidation and go back to the way we were before 1996,” he said. “We had a city and a county, and the governments worked just fine.” Mr. Mcleod, maybe you should re-think this statement. The city of Augusta was in dire straights financially. Also, I believe they were shifting money from the water plant (and other entities) into the general coffers so the city could stay afloat (no pun intended). Charles DeVaney was a good man, but somewhere along the line, he lost his focus. Someone, please correct me if I am wrong. I’m willing to bow to those who are more knowledgeable.
    Having said this, I WILL fully support your attempts to break away from our county’s shadow.

    • The county was fine and our tax dollars were used for us..remember the promises made? Your water bill will go down, street sweepers in your neighborhood, free trash pick up & biggest lie of all? There will be no double government services, everything will be streamlined and cost effective. First thing they did was dump our tax dollars into the downtown money pit. No street sweepers, water bill went up, trash service was added to your tax bill whether you wanted it or not, then that service was cut in half but the money stayed the same, no government jobs were eliminated, in fact, they made even more jobs because they’ve never held people accountable and if they did they gave them golden parachutes ..lastly? They started moving people from downtown housing projects into nice south augusta neighborhoods via section 8…consolidation only gave the city the power to steal our money..just like Charles Walker wanted..and now I see he’s getting sweetheart land deals which lets me know he still has him hand in the cookie jar…

  2. Maybe the strippers could set an example for the politicians in Augusta as far as being transparent since they would have nothing to hide. Also, with the customer money being placed in various places that can be seen there would be no need for receipts etc. As it is now only the taxpayer is getting stripped and we ain’t getting no money.

  3. Finally! We need more strip clubs around here! We should allow them in Columbia Co as well. Just think of all the jobs they will bring! But Lap Dances should be held in a private room. Young girls don’t want to display their goods in front of everyone while doing a Lap Dance. (Ahem, I’m only imagining this, I don’t speak from experience)

  4. You said it Sylvia, every major city that has high crime including murder, thefts, uncontrolled homelessness, unkept roads, and absolutely no forward vision for the city they represent are totally run by Democrats. The minority community is responsible for this. They always seem to elect the most radical people to run Richmond County. I can’t understand why they do this, it hurts everybody and makes our city look awful.

  5. Drug laws TARGETED at black people? What a load of crap! Drug laws are targeted at law BREAKERS. Just because a disproportionate number of minorities are involved with drugs does not mean it is targeted at them.

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