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Column: Some Richmond County commissioners want to cut experience requirement for city administrator



(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Augusta Press.) 

An Augusta Commission committee voted to reduce the experience requirement for hiring a city administrator to half that required of a city groundskeeper or truc...

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  1. Is Ms. Takiyah A Douse qualified to be Augusta-Richmond County Administrator? The answer is yes! Douse, Jackson, and Jackson is doing an outstanding job managing Augusta Richmond County. Linda W Beazley or Fred Russell did not have the experience but was given a chance to be Administrator. I have no regrets voting for and supporting Linda Beazley.

  2. One of your best Mrs Cooper. Hopefully some type of resolution can be made with Gold Cross. There are a lot of issues but let’s look at the unknown losses from the time AFD ran all those ambulances and how much hatred there was by the firefighters being forced to ride of those units. Just remember and as a retired firefighter/paramedic with AFD, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I don’t believe another private service would not have the many issues Gold Cross has. I rarely here any problems from Columbia County. Just my “two cents worth.”

  3. Mr. Dunagan, I will support your “own sensible government”. I live in the proposed area; however, my wife and I would prefer to have a modest home on the water, somewhere other than Richmond County. I’m an old guy, and I might need an ambulance at some point.

    • Sir, if you find that modest home on the water, preferably salt, and will have me as your neighbor, I’ll drive you to the dang hospital myself. 🙂. Until then we all have to keep fighting for our city.

  4. Yep, same old, same old, and that which will keep Richmond County mired in mediocrity. “Anyhow, it’s pretty clear to me, that with all the talk of a new direction and professionalism on the Augusta Commission, the direction for some is exactly the same as it has always been. And that’s just my two cents.”

  5. SAMO.SAMO, no change in our less than qualified council. Clearly, our new mayor now understands the major obstacle to his goal of improving Augusta. It is his/our council with less than qualified folks like Bobby Williams, who does not know where his district boundaries are!! The discussion between “forgetful Joe” and his son, have a resemblance to our great council who want to lower standards for hiring their “favorite candidate” in a critical job directly supporting our new mayor. The mayor should lead the selection committee! “Where are we, they must ask themselves??” Reminds me of the California “high speed” train project that has cost $24 billion thus far and moves forward a foot a week if lucky!

    When the law suits start rolling in due to someone dieing when an ambulance fails to show, perhaps the council will come to grips with this major real citizen issue that has been on their plate for far too long rather than power/ego challenges.

  6. Why do you think diesel went up? Elections have consequences. Biden and company are destroying our fossil fuel industry. Thank a Democrat next time you see one for the rise in fuel. But no, it’s for the planet. They are saving the planet. For whom??? As for Administrator, I still think they need to hire Justine Jones! She was a great Town Manager of Kenly, NC! (true, they ran her out on a rail minus the tar and feathers but only because she is black) I believe she would make a great Administrator for Augusta! She needs a job and she’s black. What more credentials does one need?

  7. Commissioner McKnight should have just said if you thought it was your district then why weren’t you there? If Douse is doing the job then she’s better than most of the department heads that Augusta has hired..give her the job..

  8. Not taking anything away from Ms. Douse, who has been doing an admirable job as the interim administrator, but adjusting the job qualifications to fit a particular candidate is not wise. Yes, we’ve had past administrators who met the qualifications but still proved inadequate in the execution of their responsibilities; however, I think that’s more of a reflection on the persons making the recommendation and not being thorough in researching their past positions. With Mayor Johnson being a businessman who has to hire the best people to keep his business functioning, I think he would make the best recommendations for the position. Lower standards is NOT what we need right now. We have enough of that going on right now. Also, I don’t understand why the commission doesn’t offer Gold Cross a contract. It seems like someone wants to create a city-owned ambulance service, but I can’t trust a government who can’t keep right of ways cut to provide adequate ambulance service. Just pay Gold Cross.

  9. You did forget former Chief James in your “Cast of Characters”. Not only can they not keep the grass cut, they are paying for it with Stormwater Fee money, which SHOULD be a no-no. As far as Gold Cross is concerned, we shall see what “excitement” pops up on Tuesday. The Gold Cross issue can be resolved, but the solution STARTS with writing a check for a reasonable subsidy, to cover basic incidentals like fuel price increases. Then, there needs to be some due diligence completed from an IT/Application standpoint. Lastly, tough love will come into play. It can be resolved.

    • Honestly? I think some people know if they don’t have a direct hand in stuff (like your own ambulance service) they can’t line their own pockets…I think that’s been a rampant problem in Augusta government for a longgggggggggg time!!!

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